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RE: 1% Compounding Interest in Yourself for 2022

I enjoyed James Clear's book, Atomic Habits. He talked about the British cycling team incorporating a 1% improvement every day. It's a great concept. I also like how ideas of automating processes, like rinsing your dish and putting it on the dishwasher immediately after clearing it so that at the end of the day, you just add the detergent and start it up... it's just hard to go from dropping the dish in the sink to rinsing it in the moment instead of waiting until later...

I don't know what to expect for this new year. Currently, I'm expecting to work too much and to be too busy lol, but I'll be trying to automate more this coming year. I've got some tricks up my sleeve 😉


Maybe ,I will go and read his book. I like his way of thinking about the 1%, and if there is a whole book with more good info-I may need to being myself to read it. Typically, I don't do much with "self-help" books. I am better at self help snippets.

It's a great audible to listen to during a run or bike ride in my opinion. It's even awesome on a road trip over 10 hours... it's good for the kids, too. He teaches not to set goals, but to create systems... like change your routines to match the habits of those of the kind of person you want to be... great mindset alterations...