If hive ceased to exist



When I saw the prompt for the weekend, I was tempted to choose the 3 items I couldn't do without and I discovered there was only one item I couldn't do without which was my phone. I read on my phone, make money on my phone and get maximum entertainment on my phone.

Then I saw the prompt of arm and legs. The hairs at the back of next stood for a while and then the vigour to write about that left me as I felt it will be too medical.

So in this post, I will be writing about the people I will miss if hive ceases to exist.

Back story

I joined hive in 2017 and it was some of the best decisions of my life to date.

However, during these tough 5 years of my stay, I have made friends who have impacted a lot in my hive journey.

I started hive the wrong way and with the wrong mindset and lost motivation when things went wrongly.

I thought hive was a get rich quick scheme where all I wanted to do was to sell all my earnings for something not so worth it.

I didn't understand the concept of building and interacting in the blockchain.

I gave up and went on a sabbatical.
.i came back in 2920 and spoke to a few people and that's where most of my orientation comes from.

This orientation is what has kept me on the blockchain up till today.

As I applied myself, a lot of people were nice to me and this also made give a daily website I visited.

I don't think a day goes by and I don't use the blockchain despite my busy schedule.

Enough of the story

Accounts I will miss on the blockchain.

@kenny-crane is the number one person I will miss as he has been really nice to me. He has been very supportive to me.
I became a bit serious with gaming because I read one or two of his posts.

@josediccus; This guy is a man that spits wisdom. He should be the most consistent person I have seen in my life( I find it difficult to choose between him and @tarazkp)
His consistency is a big motivation to most Nigerians and I am proud that I have had a few conversations with him. I will also miss his upvotes.

@ericvancewalton; The first time I read his poem, I sat down on my bed and re-read it over and over again. This was back in 2020.
Then I followed the writing of his book on meditation and it was so enlightening.
I like what he shares and the fact that he is living life in his terns.

@nathanmars: There are a few extremists I know and Nathan happens to be one of them. He is a man that stands for whatever he believes in. I like how he passionately goes about things and how he tries to pull a lot of weight wherever he finds himself.

@steevc is another consistent man who helped me when I came back on hive through @tenkminnows. I don't think I would have continued if not for his support.

@gentleshaid made me understand the concept of delivering science posts on the blockchain and outside the blockchain. I am most grateful to him for most of my science posts as the corrections are mostly what I use today.

The list is a long one but I think I will leave it at this.

The thought of hive ceasing to exist is so scary.

Anyways, thank you for reading.


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Thank you for coming through

Eric is one of the most impactful person I've met on the chain, the Man had a way of writing that keeps you glued, let's not even begin to talk about his personality. That one is top-notch. Thanks for including me in your list.

Eric is simply amazing.

You are someone I look up to in life. If I could apply your work ethic in life, I will be made.

I'm really happy to see my name mentioned. You are here every day making quality posts and engaging by commenting on other people's posts. We're lucky to have you in our community. I'm glad I could be of some help to you, and I wish you all the best, now and in the future.

I really appreciate this comment. It's so encouraging.

Thank you every form of support. I do not take them for granted.

Do have a nice day

Soooo cool you came back with the right mindset. You've listed some great people on HIVE right there - I'd miss them too.

Thank you for replying.

It's good to see the progress you have made. I would really miss Hive, but I hope it's resilient. As long as we have witnesses it can keep running. I have been on so many other platforms that shut down. Google has been bad for doing that. That's one reason I prefer to be on a blockchain.

Hive five!


It's good to see the progress you have made

Many thanks to you.

Thank you for stopping by


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