The Old Way of Living Should Be Back Into Fashion

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When you ask the elders in my place, they will always say that the way of living in their generation is better than today.

You see, technology and the internet are widely used in the world. This is influencing the way of living of the people including their behavior, beliefs, etc.

You will notice it easily. The way kids talk to elders has a huge gap than before.

My parents and grandparents are telling us that most of the kids in their generation were kind and generous. Kids have huge respect for elders and they know the word manners.
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But now, you will hear kids on the street shouting bad words, cursing each other, and disrespecting their elders.

It is what I don’t like in this generation, there are things that you will not expect from their mouth.

Another one is, in my generation, when we were kids, we were all playing outside the house.
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The traditional hide and seek, habul-habolan, patintero, etc (Filipino street games)...are rare nowadays.

In this generation, what you will see are kids in their houses holding their phones and watching videos from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms.
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They don’t have social interaction, they don’t have physical games, and it is not healthy compared to before.

On the other hand, I know that technology and the internet are helping everyone to have an easier work job, it makes our life easier (literally and figuratively haha).

So, why not merge the old and new ways of living?

If you ask me, I want to come back into fashion the way of living when it comes to respect, manners, and activities of people (especially kids).

Meanwhile, we can also stay using the internet.

What I mean is we have to learn to balance ourselves. The way how we live. It will start with ourselves.

We can live in this digital world with the same manners and level of respect from the past.

I, myself, am fortunate that my parents raised and taught me to respect and have good manners towards the people around me.

It is the legacy that they will leave for us that no one can steal.

Nevertheless, I am not saying that all the kids nowadays have no respect, I want to say that most of them are like that…based on my observation, encounters, and experiences.
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How about you? Do you want to go back to the old way of living? Or do you want to stay in the current way of living?

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Thank you :)

I think it is also the upbringing of the parents. In my case, we do not watch teleseryes like yung mga kabit kabit or are not appropriate for kids. Natrain na mga bata na 8pm, they need to sleep na.

Kinda miss the old times din. Wala pang iPad nun, lahat naglalaro sa labas. :)

You're probably right. I remember how our parents cover our eyes when there's a kissing scene hahaha.

I'm with you on this.
Kids don't play outside anymore, they're into games online like Roblox, Minecraft, Among Us, etc.
If I'd be a parent in the future, I'd definitely bring this back into fashion.

Haha roblox and minecraft! I was a fan of the latter.

I agree with it that the kids of recent generation are aggressive. Besides many of them think that they can do anything and don't care about others.
I think using technological devices regularly can be a reason behind the aggressive motive of kids.

Yes I think it can influence the behavior of a person...we had a research thesis before about mobile games and behavior haha.

It makes me cringe and feel sad that the generation these days are being brought up with no basic respect and courtesy.

I miss those games. Takes me back to my childhood days.

Old but gold as they said ✨

There is truth in that :)

Well all good things also come wit their bad. Technology has helped to alleviate the burdens of certain expectations in society but also had robbed many of their sense of humanity. I came in through Dreemport

That's how the world works, I guess (it has advantages and disadvantages) so we have to keep it balanced.