Science and Technology Fair Saturday


This has turned out to be a very innovative weekend, yes, a weekend of science, technology, and industry. 🔬📡⚗️

I went to a place with my family on Saturday, where a Science, Technology, and Industry Fair is taking place, this place is the Poliedro de Caracas, one of the largest entertainment centers in the city and that I have not visited since before the voluntary social distancing due to the pandemic.


Fortunately, we are more and more in the new normality and all kinds of shows and events are taking place again for the entertainment of all of us.

This Fair is taking place this weekend and started on Thursday 15 and ends on Monday 19 September with the participation of 80 Iranian companies that are exhibiting their advances and innovations and more than 300 Venezuelan entrepreneurs who are participating in business rounds.

I took my whole family with me: my husband and 4 children, thinking that it would be a good idea to motivate teenagers, especially the one who is graduating from high school next year, to channel their interests.


I was very surprised, something that I did not expect at all, and that is that the first thing we found when entering the exhibition were some huge black buffaloes, the largest I have ever seen in my life, and other breeds of cattle and goats, all were beautiful specimens, there were about 5 different breeds, huge and beautiful.


It was impressive for me to arrive at a scientific and technological fair with some expectations and find this great agricultural display, but I quickly understood that science is implicit in the development of these specimens under artificial insemination with modern processes and not only that but also genetic improvements in the species.

Also, on our tour, I could see that technology was also being used in the development of agricultural inputs, from tractors and other machinery to genetically improved seeds and fertilizers.


Another of the largest areas on display was related to the assembly of vehicles in our country, which, although it is still in its infancy, the advances so far that could be considered great triumphs for the national industry were shown there.


Other interesting exhibits we were able to see were drone technology, 3D printers, and technology for the oil and gas industry. The healthcare area was also very well represented at this show with top-notch medical and scientific equipment.


This was a very atypical weekend outing, but I did not want to miss this fair that would only last for the weekend and this was the only possible day for me, I was lucky that my children and my husband wanted to accompany me and I could also observe that they carefully toured all the stands, the unfortunate thing is that we arrived at a time very close to the closing time of the day and not all exhibits were open, many were already collecting everything for the day.

Finished our visit, we returned home to spend this Saturday night having dinner with some delicious sandwiches made by ourselves and continue watching the series of The Rings of Power that we are watching this last weekend, enjoying popcorn.

See you next weekend

Aho! / Adiwa!



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A very busy weekend from what I can see. Those fairs are very instructive. I was able to go a couple of times to the agricultural fair that was held in Guanare and I liked to go to see the animal area, as it was the only way to see them so close.
Un fin de semana muy movido por lo que veo. Esas ferias son muy instructivas. Yo pude ir un par de veces a la feria agrícola que se hacía en Guanare y me gustaba irme a ver el área de los animales, pues era la única manera de verlos tan cerca.

Hola, @mamaemigrante gracias por venir por aquí un rato a leer el cuento de mi paseo. A mí me gustó mucho que los niños vieran esos animalotes

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Thank you very much for considering my work, I humbly wanted to share my weekend with you.

How great to see that these activities are being resumed at the Poliedro, it is an incredible space for all kinds of events, the last exhibition I was able to attend there was Chocolate and it was spectacular.

Technology is everything, anything that helps to improve and advance, so it is super important that such events show the general public those applications that we take for granted and we do not easily intuit that they carry behind a great scientific development.

Did your son, the next high school graduate, get interested in anything in particular?

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, My son was very interested in 3D printers that were on display and says he wants to study robotics.

Amiga, me imagino lo bien que la pasaron, yo he visto esto de la inseminación artificial en los animales y es algo genial, salen grandísimos y hermosos… según sus carnés son de primera. No sé si con tantos procesos químicos eso sea cierto, pero los expertos dicen que sí.

Es algo bonito de ver y saber. En cuanto a las otras exhibiciones, que bueno saber en nuestro país se esté impulsando esos proyectos maravillosos.

Aquí hicieron un fitven, pero impulsando el turismo, hace años y fue algo bellísimo, me imagino que así como esa a la que fueron a compartir en familia.

Que bueno que todos se lo disfrutaron, ojalá tu hijo haya tomado varias ideas, para lo que va a hacer en un futuro.

Si, fue muy bonito el recorrido y mi hijo encontró impresoras 3D que le encantan y se entretuvo mucho viendo cómo trabajan, quiere estudiar robótica.

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