Time moves quicker as we age - Find out why here


Thank Cruncie, It's Friday


That Friday feeling is coursing through my veins. My son has his first soccer blitz tomorrow with the under 8s and the Winter League kicks off at my local golf course on Sunday, so I've been looking forward to the weekend. Although my wife is heading off for a hotel break with a couple of friends, while she still can - there is a sniff of a newly imposed lockdown in the Irish air. Last night, a 12am curfew was reimposed here, with nightclubs and pubs needing to be emptied out by 12am, meaning last orders at 23:30. Yes, it's a pain in the hole, but I must say that I agree with it and hopefully it might help to quell the recent surge in Covid-19 cases here in Ireland. We've seen a considerable rise in daily cases, hospital admissions and ICU admissions relating to the fourth wave. Our hospital system simply won't cope with much more and we would all like to be able to openly visit our loved ones this Christmas. Some maturity, care and limiting of social contacts would help a lot, but we need Government guidance and rules, as people will simply do as they wish otherwise and we'll be straight back into another Christmas lockdown.

Daddy Daycare


So it's Daddy Daycare this weekend in @ Ablaze. As I was saying Mrs. Ablaze is heading off for a hotel break with the girls, something she had booked months and months ago. She was very apprehensive about going, due to the evolving Covid-19 situation, but she seldom does anything for herself, as she always puts our three children first, so I was delighted when she eventually decided to go ahead with it. They are going to be ultra safe and just stick to the hotel restaurant and bar, rather than venturing out to any local bars.

So it'll be me and three boys having a "Boys Weekend" as they affectionately call it. We have the soccer blitz, a visit to their cousins house, a trip to the playground and a spin out to the farm all lined up and we'll watch a movie or two as well most likely - speaking of which, does anyone have any good family movie recommendations- the boys are aged eight, five and three.

Busy week


It's been a fairly nuts week at work truth be told. One of my Optical engineers was on holidays for the week and there was a major project which had to be delivered, so I ended up having to juggle management and engineering responsibilities for the week, which involved a couple of 5:30am starts and those same days, I had night works from 10pm until 3am, that was all engineering work, and I still had all of my management duties to look after also - decision making, meetings, reports, escalations, research, support and much more. So, as I say the weekend landing was most welcome.

Time moving quicker as we age


We've all heard or said things like:

The 30s go quicker than the 20s

The 40s go quicker than the 50s

Time is getting faster every year.

The older I get, the faster time seems to move.

It's true isn't it, time does move quicker as we age. It's actually perfectly logical. Take a 2 year old, a 5 year old, a 10 year old and a 50 year old and consider one year in each of their lives.

2 Year Old: 1 year is half their life.

5 Year Old: 1 year is one fifth their life.

See where I'm going....

10 Year Old: 1 year is one tenth of their life.

50 Year Old: 1 year is one fiftieth of their life.

In percentage terms that's 50%, 20%, 10% and 2% respectively, so you can see now that as you old, it doesnt just seem like time is moving faster. In the context of your life it really is.

Ok, there finishes my random thoughts for today. Go forth and have the best day that you possibly can. Remember that tge older you are, the quicker it will pass. Rub a dog, tell someone you love them, help an old lady, don't be an asshole, smell the roses.

That's it from me. Thanks for stopping by.

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Peace out.



Do yourself a favor my friend and supplement with some Vitamin D this Winter.

Sounds like it's gonna be a handful weekend for you, didn't see pizza on your list, or will you be doing proper cooking?