The New Psychopath

in Funny8 months ago


#### Hi Hivers! I want to share with you a funny thing these days. The idea of sitting in a coffee shop with no technology around has become psychopathy hahah

A lot of people are so distant one from another when going out and choose to rather stay on their phones or laptops, that another way is some kind of disease.

So, what was something inspiring and touching like enjoying the good company of a person is now replaced with a no-heart tool that gives us the impression we have a special connection with people behind their screens when in fact they might not resonate with us at all in the real-life or they are not truly close to us as we would think.

Funny, isn't it? 😅


Sometimes I read a book, and people will walk around me like I have a bomb.



Yay! 🤗
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