Important Questions of the day...Why are women inferior?

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Stella, who now identifies as Roger, asked this searching question:

With the exception of biologically pumping semen into another human being, what can a man do that a woman can't?

Here are the top ten answers from people who do not identify as something that they're not:

1/ Play sports that people will pay to watch.

2/ Mind his own business while being comfortable in his own skin.

3/Go to prison for longer, for exactly the same crime.

4/Parallel park.

5/Discover electricity, develop and deploy the infrastructure, and deliver reliable, cheap energy to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

6/Not create drama at work.

7/Be happy with life, while owning only one pair of shoes.

8/ Play chess at very high levels. (the lack of space in the kitchen for a chessboard, being the main cause of this)

9/Being punished by society and the law, for sexual harassment against the opposite sex.
(It was also noted that not sexually harassing a female was seen as some kind of misogyny).

10/Keep their feelings out of an important decision. This includes choosing a car based entirely on the color.

Note : Liberal lefty males were not included in the survey, as technically, they're not mentally very well and there were no safe spaces available.
They also have no sense of humor, and can't crack a joke.
They also think that dogs can look up, and that women are equal to men.

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But Wymminz can have babies... thus, in society's view, they are equal... no, superior to men.

Your argument is null and void... cause, "muh feelins"

Great responses 👍