A Few Snow Flurries Last Night...

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When I went to bed last night, there wasn't a sign of snow anywhere to be seen.

About an hour later, I was rattled awake by the sound of snowflakes falling upon the giant Elm some 400 meters or so from my bedroom window.

Peering out through the bullet holes adorning the northwest wall, my eyes came to rest on the light covering of wintery wonder you can clearly see in the picture below.

I was forced to wait until morning to snap this little shot you see above, because the battery in my camera was dead. Fortunately I was able to pick up a new pack, at the convenience store a few miles away, while out doing my morning jog.

Thanks for reading... I have to grab the broom now and sweep a path clear on the sidewalk, before the inspectors from City Codes Dept. come along and write me a summons for 'Neglectful Behavior'... They have a very strict City Ordinance for snow, here in southern Florida.

See you again soon.



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Image: (https://pixabay.com/photos/house-snow-buried-winter-december-690199/)

Snow in southern Florida 🤣

Yeah... I suspect it's due to weather manipulation by my neighbor, who tinkers in his garage with strange looking electronic devices, while his wife does cartwheels on the front lawn (In the nude...!!!)

Is your neighbor named Dr Zhivago by any chance?

Hmm that may well be the problem.

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