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RE: Citizen Science: Project FeederWatch -- Count #14 Report 2020-2021 Season w/Original Photos

Hi @etcmike, I found this phrase "Citizen Science" appealing, I infer that it is something like social science....

My blog is essentially about science, I like your approach of engaging children and adults in discovery and contributing to scientific research and conservation.

Pardon me for asking, can I participate in this interesting approach you develop?


Cornell University is the sponsor of this project. People across North America are submitting there observations each week to the project, hence the "citizen science".

I provided links to where you can join this project and contribute your observations too. Cornell University also collaborates with a world-wide citizen science project too.

My only twist on the Cornell University approach is post my observations to HIVE in an attempt to expose the project to more people.

Have a great week!!!
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