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RE: Citizen Science: Project FeederWatch -- Count #17 Report 2020-2021 Season w/Original Photos

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Hey whats up man! Remember me from the steemit days? I remember you for sure. I finally found my keys to check out hive. Stoked to see you're here!



Welcome to HIVE!!!

I have been posting to both. It is sort of like posting to FB and Twitter.

I like HIVE, it seems to be evolving better too. I wish the price of HIVE reflected the value here in the community.

Have a great week!
Hive on!

Yeah Hive is great. So many new features, I'm still trying to figure out the best place to post and such. Which has more traffic in your opinion? Steemit or Hive? I just haven't heard that many great things about Steemit.

Awesome he's still around. Thanks that's just what I needed.