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RE: Telling Off My Alma Mater

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I can forgive kids (actual kids, that is, since I still refer to myself as a kid sometimes) for being taken in by the GAG. After all, I fell for it too, but as I got older and wiser, I realised precisely why socialism doesn't work, and why "the greater good" is nothing more than the alibi of tyrants. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm nice to them about it. I wish someone had given me a harsh reality check sooner, but at least I got to go so deep down the rabbit hole that I now know both sides of this argument better than the left knows its own alone.

I'm sure you've heard the saying "if you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at 40, you have no brain." I would posit that it is perfectly natural for kids to gravitate toward a system that takes care of their every need, since they still require some form of nurture, and if they can't get it from their family, they may as well get it from the State. Once you grow up, however, you realise that taking care of yourself isn't all that difficult, and big government just gets in the way. In fact, this entire dichotomy of the childlike mind favouring authoritarianism and the adult mind favouring liberty seems to be precisely the way that @lucylin frames the whole thing (when he's not trolling the midwits and making them screech like ringwraiths, that is).

I CANNOT forgive the people who peddle this nonsense and keep people infantilised, however. Kids should be allowed to believe silly things, but they should be encouraged to grow up eventually. Keeping people stunted (and muzzled) is precisely what keeps the grift going.


Absolutely love this: "Once you grow up, however, you realise that taking care of yourself isn't all that difficult, and big government just gets in the way." And I agree that the peddlers of the nonsense/evil are the actual villains.

As for being leftist at 20, I think my socialist phase was in 3rd or 4th grade. It's because I had mutant reading skills at a very early age and grew up in a house full of books with a granny who could quote Shakespeare and Cicero and who said "The world doesn't owe you a living" almost daily.

Trolling?....Trolling? Pffft....trying to make people think, you mean (and giving observers a good giggle!)

Don't knock trolling, mate, the right amount of it is a good thing! It helps people grow a thicker skin. Then, maybe, they'll start thinking for themselves.

Not in here, it doesn't - it causes them to downvote you, then block you - because if they can't see you, you're no longer there! (postmodernism logic at it's finest!lol)


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