Robots Dancing....

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This fills me with optimism, dread, and confusion - all at the same time.

The god complex in overdrive, self destruction by stupid people with high IQ's, or the opportunity - of a all opportunities in the history of mankind - to make life better...?


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We have a roomi vac but it doesn't have very good dance moves...

...what do you recon - scary as shit or fantastic opportunity? (I'm not referring to your vac)

That question applies to everything right now...

New world order or global awakening?

We are now finding out, and knowing what the nwo plan is I'm doing my best to aim for the good option!


We don't need these robots.

It doesn't really change anything, though. We have them, like it or not.
Tech never gets undone...even the hamish who stayed very simplistic (v. clever people) didn't 'undo' the horse and buggy...

The hamish are imune to the coronahoax because they don't have phones

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Scary as. If this is the world people want, they deserve everything they get.

I am not impressed , dancing is pre-programmed movement triggered by sound (music) .
Give me the tech and ill make any machine dance .
Aldo it's a small step to weaponize those chap's and send them to war .
Or what ever ...

Don't hodl buckshot's ,it's better to hodl slug's ... ;-)

and dancing much better then me :)

I have decided not to worship the god of technology. I don't give a shit what alleged "facilitations" such technical fantasies bring to man. The fact is that we serve the machines and not the other way round. I am hopelessly old-fashioned in this direction. Just the whole hassle of computers and printers at work and the lack of admin access to fix things myself is just a pain. With all this technology, one is raised to be an idiot user who finds salvation in having everything measured, counted and weighed for him.

The human being who believes the myth that monotonous manual work, for example, is a nuisance, has probably never done such manual work in his life. He confuses monotonous work with man-machine work, which is in fact boring as hell. But weaving a mat, sewing metre-long panels, making a pattern repeat itself over and over, polishing a surface centimetre by centimetre, is beautiful work for a relaxed mind. Only the fact that it takes a while to make something of use makes it really valuable and of quality.

The omnipotence fantasies that believers in technology make for themselves is only fun if you are involved in the development of such things yourself, as a designer and engineer. It is sometimes quite nice to have machines (a washing machine, for example), but basically most "facilitations" are in fact aggravations that only frustrate you because you didn't build and invent them yourself. Man is a creative being, but every individual should have more space and leisure for it and not just be a user.