Leftists want to Smother You and Freeze You to Death

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Right after Fauci and Biden told everyone to wear 2 or 3 masks forever, even after vaccination, the USA got hit with unseasonable cold. Guess what? Solar panels need sun. I know this because I have an engineering degree. Unfortunately, leftists tend to major in gender studies and unicorns so they don't know the root word of solar means "sun." Also, windmills only work if they can spin around. Basic physics. Neither can match the stored chemical energy of oil, gas, or the atom.

Alex Epstein is a true expert in the energy field, probably even smarter than that whining child the media fawn over. Here is a summary of talking points from him regarding the disastrous anti-energy policy the current tyrannical usurpers want to implement.

Leftists fail at basic physics, economics, mathematics--pretty much anything real in the world. They think that things should be done their way simply because that is what they want. Science doesn't work like that. Science simply is and our task is find out what the science is and engineer ways to use it to our advantage--then improve those processes again and again. That process is why we have antibiotics, catalytic converters, blockchains, etc.

We must resist and nullify the efforts of the real "science deniers" who are occupying the White House and half of Congress and almost the entire vast unconstitutional bureaucracy. That's a lot of resistance, but we must do it. At stake are the rights of our grandchildren to breathe and speak without muzzles and to keep warm in the winter with efficient fossil fuels.


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Preaching to the choir here, Kim! By that, of course, I mean that the screeching ideologues of society don't want to listen to this message. When your science doesn't support their claim, they say that you don't know science. When the science doesn't support their claim, they say that the science is wrong. When science overall doesn't support their claim, they say that science isn't the best way to look at the world. When empiricism, the very root of the scientific method, fails them, they say that it is a flawed philosophy (leftists tend to favour standpoint "theory" and social constructionism).

By the way, I don't mean to pry, but from one engineer to another, what's your field?

You have stated the liberal "science" problem so perfectly! And my degree is in Industrial Engineering (Purdue, '84) while hubby is a Chem. E. I worked for consulting firms as a FORTRAN programmer before emulating one of the original IEs (Lillian Gilbreth) and raising a houseful of children. People would ask why a "smart" woman would stay home to raise children--I would get in their faces and say "Oh, so are you suggesting children should be raised only by women who are NOT smart?" That usually scared them off. I'm pretty intimidating for a tiny church lady. :)

Cool, I'm an industrial engineer as well (PCT 2012); I started out as a machinist/CNC programmer (Johnson College, 2008). I'm most familiar with industrial G-code, but I've also taught a SCARA robot to play checkers - sort of.

I like your little anecdote. I think domestic skills are woefully underrated; everyone should be able to cook (microwave doesn't count), clean, and sew. It's too bad that society tends to grant the highest social status to talents that are the most lucrative, then back-peddle and try to assign a monetary value to full-time motherhood while denigrating it in the same breath. Then again, it's not about abilities, it's about choices - which are few for those who have degrees in grievance studies.

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