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RE: ¿Am I becoming a bit antisocial?

in FreeSpeech6 months ago

Again a highly deep and interesting piece of content you've brought together in just a single post. I really have no idea what the answer can be to your question: Is Reality anti-social? Am wondering if we can ever really go by objective reality. In research and definitions, maybe yes, but our human brains maybe not. To be honest, will need to think about this much more, than the half an hour I did digest all the content. BTW, the possible conclusion of the speaker about why Elon Musk may not like web3.0, is one that I find hilarious, but at the same time very reasonable. Though I wish for more than a few of us (ultimately, all of us) to be incomplete symbiosis in all positive ways we can imagine, such a conclusion about Elon (if it's true) shows how far away we are from such reality. Wondering what the xenobots when evolved in version gazillion.0 will think about your question. Also wondering how the individual xenobots will live together. Will they become the selfish, money-grabbing, anti-socials as so many peeps are in our world today? Or will they trend towards forming a (much) better society where all individuals will be able to be happy in their own ways?