My 11,402th 'SUNDAY POST' on the HIVE Blockchain...

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Man, "How time flies"... So goes the expression.

It's hard for me to believe that I've made 11,402 Sunday posts here on Hive, but according to analytics, it's true.

One of the biggest surprises of all, is how I found so many interesting topics to write about, with rave reviews from the masses and substantial rewards. I humbly THANK all of you...🤗

Wow...!!! I'm feeling kind of down though, that the price of Hive and HBD are not much different than what they were back in 2020.

Here it is 2270 and the last BOOM we had was way back in the year of 2021 when Witnesses', Devs and Influencers FINALLY began paying attention to what users were asking for. They set aside their egos, cheap wine and shrooms, long enough to do the necessary work on the chain.

Within a few short months, Hive jumped from approximately 12 cents to over $1,850 USD...!!! Remember?

Man oh man... We certainly had quite a few "happy campers" when that happened. I was so happy that I stopped posting as @AngryMan and began with a new account @AngryMansNewHappyAccount.

Even @Lucylin became happy for a short while... He stopped bitching and moaning about how long it was taking for his videos to load on @ThreeSpeak for a week or two...

Talking about ThreeSpeak… I wonder how @TheyCallMeDan is doing all these years later, after he told us all to go fuck ourselves, because we stopped listening to his suggestions and the price tumbled again...???

Some of us men were able to do that, because of being endowed enough, but most were not. I don't think women had penises yet in those days, like they do now, so they couldn't fuck themselves either.

We should have listened more to that guy Dan... He had a lot of good ideas, some of which brought us to that Moonshot of Hive jumping to almost two thousand dollars.

These days, I sort of feel like I'm stuck in a time warp with the prices the way they are 250 years later!!! Maybe I am stuck in one? I should get in touch with that guy @Svemirac - you know - the Serbian Physicist. He could probably explain time warps and stuff like that to me...???

Jeepers - Creepers...

I don't know about you, but I'm not giving up on Hive yet, my friends... I've waited this long for another Mooning to giggle at, I'll just continue on posting like I usually do.

Well... I gotta go. I have an appointment with the Doc to get my Neutrino Generating Device treatment for rejuvenation of my implanted Stem Cell grown organs.

They do such remarkable things these days with science... I'm so grateful.



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Even @Lucylin became happy for a short while...

I'm always happy!
Except for now that is...your comment has made me really miserable....bugger...
(@lucylin goes out to find a cobra...)

Oh you certainly know how to jest my friend... where are you going to find a cobra in Thailand during Corona lock-down and no money in your pockets...?!?!?!?

...cant type...

You are too quick witted...!!! lol


Had you left out the part about @lucylin is happy I wouldn't have to call complete horse shit! For a second there, I thought 2020 was behind us.

2020 IS behind us...!!! Why else would they already have 2021 calendars on Store shelves?!?!? Silly...

Are they?! I wouldn't know. I haven't been permitted to enter a store that sells calendars all year. The doors all say mask required. I'm not sure what's going on outside but it's definitely something, either that or all the calendar stores are on Star Wars strike.


I suspect @DanDays... your keen observations and intuition, are presently leading you along an optimal path within the grand scope of theoretical, existential, Universal consciousness of the highest magnitude achievable, while encapsulated within human form.