Have You Tried Digital Minimalism? My 30 Days Experience!

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We live in a rapidly evolving technological world!

Technology helps in making our lives more easier or comfortable which is why it has dominated almost every part of our lives, from professional all the way to personal. It is a tool that's meant to be used to better ourselves.

However, somewhere along the way, things started changing. How? Technology ends up using us or rather we forget how to use the tool properly and it ends up subconsciously controlling us. Basically, we become addicted to it!

Digital world

A Brief Explanation Of Digital Minimalism

Digital minimalism means making a better or smarter use of tech, focusing on what matters and rooting out the non essentials and digital noise. If you think about it, we're digitally over simulated with infinite feeds that keep stealing our attention.

Digital Minimalism helps us clear out that noise and optimize our use of tech. This gives significant improvements in building focus and productivity.

What I did

Skipped Many Platforms

I tried (failed a few times!) to not visit Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and a bunch of other sites for 30 days. I figured they weren't that necessary and I spend too much time there getting overwhelmed with information.

More Offline Than Online

During the 30 days, I spent 7 hours per day online. 4 hours in the morning to reply to emails/messages, checking what's new and doing the main task/work for the day, 2 hours in the afternoon to do maintenance work, which is just optimizing systems that I've built checking whether they're working properly. 1 hour in the evening to reply to emails/messages received within the day, schedule meetings and do some research work.

Before beginning the 30 days experience, apart from lunch break, I spend the whole day(14 hours) online.

Less Gadgets

I didn't make much use of my phone. No binge watching, no video games, few social media chats. This wasn't much of a problem because I normally do most of the work on a computer but I found myself constantly holding the phone for no reason, somehow my hand keeps drawn to it.


On the first few days, I found myself unconsciously picking up the phone and logging in to the platforms that I vowed not to use during the 30 day period. What surprised me the most, is the boring free time I had.

Other than the work I had to do, I spend hours having nothing useful to do, just sitting there wandering in my head. Thank goodness, my artistic flair kicked in! I restarted pursuing a hobby of mine; drawing.

What to draw? Unsplash

I must say that the whole thing required some discipline, it was like building some new habits or routines to help de-clutter your time with tech, using it only when necessary. However, it only works when you're less busy and don't have much work to do.

I wouldn't think twice about putting off the 'digital minimalism' hat when there's some heavy work to do. Since, I've already made the hat, I can put it back on later.

Have you tried digital minimalism? How was your experience and what has been your impression?

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your support!

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I've also tried to cut back my FB and Instagram visits. Failed and then realized how miserable these web2 apps make me. Will keep on trying!

Lol, miserable is the perfect word for this web2 apps. I wonder why they keep calling us back.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Oh that is great! I think it keeps us away from unproductive hours when we practice digital minimalism as you call it. It's been 2 years since I last used FB and IG and not missing them at all. It's just great not consuming too much unnecessary stuff hehe.

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2 years?! I've barely been able to make it through a year without them. Maybe, uninstall-ing them will do the trick. Thanks for stopping by!

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Yes, did it since the start of the pandemic as I was easily affected with all news. Deactivated my FB account and uninstalled the app and it worked, lol! Cheers!

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