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RE: More Metaverse Madness

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Now i can see the entire article! For some reason, only the first few sentences were showing in the mobile app.

At any rate, i am pretty sure as you are, that what hype is being shared is for marketing purposes! Lol old tricks which will continue as the 'real' metaverse becomes! It surely is an exciting time to be among the front lines and to see what is emerging before us! How on earth can one value the existing internet?!! There are so many layers to it. Many intrinsic in value, like my ability to receive a video call from grandma! Let alone giving a future value to the meteverse! It's so far beyond that! Not measurable by what we know now, maybe. Exciting. Definitely!! Great article. I always appreciate your contributions Task.

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Thanks for the support. Glad you enjoy my work.

Yes it is truly beyond what we can imagine at this point just like, the present form of the Internet was beyond what most could foresee 30 years ago.

There might be a few with some insight but, for most, we only can perceive a small sliver.

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