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RE: Blockchain Gaming: It's time to confuse machine learning.

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Although they claim that Ragnarok will not be Bot-able I think people will try anyway. Some may even take it as a challenge. Will be a great learning experience either way for future developments not wanting BOTS.

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The profitability of the bots is a function of XP token value vs the HBD cost of playing the game.
It doesn't matter if there are bots if the bots lose money.
In fact that would be great for the economy.

Ragnarok will be 'easily' bottable, but maintaining profitability will not be.
And it might even take six months to a year before a bot even functions.

Much more likely that people will use bots as helper tools.
Like booting up a chess bot to play like a grandmaster on the chess part.
But even then the board is tilted sideways and played corner to corner so the bot might not know what to do... especially considering you can checkmate the king and still lose.

yes, true.... botting is 1 thing but profitability is the bottom line. This game is going to be SICK, can't wait !

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