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RE: [Crypto Security] - Increase security by using encrypted DNS

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Hmmm...I am using as my DNS server but that site is reporting that my DNS is not secure. It says:

We detected you’re using (a secure DNS resolver) but not over a secure connection. Anybody listening on the wire can see the DNS queries you make when using the Internet.

Any idea why that is and how I can fix it?

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What browser? Depending on browser/version you may need to go into config page and turn on Secure DNS.
^ This may help for configuring browsers.

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I'm using Brave. Secure DNS was turned on in the settings but for whatever reason I had to tell Brave to use Cloudflare for secure DNS even though it's set at my router also.


 13 days ago 

That's a new setting they just added. I noticed for me it works without specifying that but I did change it to specifically choose recently to see if I could get ESNI working, but it is no longer being supported.

Glad you got it working, it's especially useful when traveling with a laptop on untrusted networks.

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