Today my Hive account reached 69 Reputation (2022.05.23)

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I saw it on Hiveblocks a few days ago that my Hive account reached the 69 Reputation, but today Hive and other frontends are also showing that my Hive account has a 69 Reputation. This is a good milestone, but the very good milestone will be reaching the 70 Reputation. Probably that will take a few months, if not a year or more. But we will see.

By the way, recently I started to actively try to keep my voting power above 80%, so I am not voting that much. My current curation APR is 8.91%, which is probably the average. Or at least this is what I heard.

Either way, I am very grateful and very happy for every support and help I receive. Recently, in addition to transferring Hive Dollars (HBD) to savings, I also started to regularly power up Hive, and nowadays I am getting closer and closer to 1800 Hive Power, which will also be a good milestone.

And according to HiveStats, I earned $144.99 USD with the Hive blockchain in the previous 30 days, for which I am also very grateful and very happy.

I will keep being consistently active on the Hive blockchain. Thank you so much again to everyone for every help and support.

To show even more dedication, I set the reward method on this post to 100% Power Up. Hopefully the setting will be saved.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.





Congrats on your achievement! But have in mind that is higher step harder to achieve. Which means that you need to work harder. 👍😎🍻 !BEER

I heard that it is very hard to climb above 70 Reputation. Which makes sense, because 70 is much higher than the default 25. I am trying to remain consistent, and probably I will reach 70 Reputation over time.

Thank you for the Beer. Good luck and all the best.


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🥳 Congratulations! 69 is really huge. 👏🏻
Hope to get there myself until next year.

Thank you. Good luck with the climbing. The reputation of your Hive account is currently 60.90, but with dedication and with consistency, probably your Hive account soon will also reach 69 Reputation.

All the best.

Good luck and all the best.

💪🏻 Will do my best.

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Nice work on your reputation achievement, I will have to check out that hive stats, it looks interesting !BEER

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Hello dear friend @xplosive good afternoon
This is very good news; Congratulations
I hope soon you get to climb the next step 70

Reaching 70 Reputation probably will take a few months. It took approximately three months to climb from 68 to 69.

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congratulations bro for this achievement

Thank you.

Congratulations. Each step takes longer and I should be hitting that 70 milestone in a few months as well.

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Thank you. I see that your Hive account is currently at 69.60, so it is indeed close to 70. Good luck and all the best.


Congratulation my friend for reaching at 69 reputation. It is indeed an achievement.
I see that after 50 repu, the repu gaining process becomes very slow, but I also observed if I get big votes from account having 70+ repu, my reputation increases so quickly.

Good luck for level 70.

Thank you. Yes. It becomes hard above 50, and as I heard, even harder above 70 to climb. I see that your Hive account is currently at 54.20.

Good luck for reaching 60. All the best.


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!giphy congrats



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Congratulations! Will me take a lot longer to reach a reputation of 69 =)

Thank you. The current reputation of your Hive account is 66.50, so you are not that far away from 69, but probably it will still take a few months to get there.

Good luck and all the best.

Quite an achievement. Congrats xplosive.

Thank you. I see that your Hive account is currently at 60.20. Soon you will also reach 69. Good luck and all the best.