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RE: The Growing Value of Cryptocurrency

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Based upon the trends we see, it is easy to understand how this will jump into the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

The question is for who?

The rich get richer, while most people earn cents with their posts. Nowadays I cannot even earn back the monthly price (approximately $17.86 USD) of the mobile internet subscription.

I am on the Steem/Hive blockchain for more than 4 years (since 2017.05.17), and somehow I still believe in this platform for some reason. But I do not know why.

Recently I sold all of my POB and LEO tokens, and I bought a Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone. The quality of the photos I take became better, but the earnings of my posts are not.


Perhaps change your approach and stop always talking about your posts. Instead focus upon adding to the platform instead of taking from it.

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You write this, as if I would only take from this platform. I was in the top ten of the engagement league multiple times, yet still almost no one cared about my posts, not even about my giveaways. I often upvote comments, and give tokens to other people. Okay, I cannot do much with my $0.02 upvotes, but I still (try to) support others, and that (the intention) is what matters.

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@taskmaster4450le is right!

Nowadays I cannot even earn back the monthly price (approximately $17.86 USD) of the mobile internet subscription.

That's the reward you can get for shitposts. How much do you want for one sentence and two photos?

You should try steemit and blurt, they love shitposters and plagiarizers too.

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99% of the Facebook users are "shitposters", yet Facebook still makes billions of dollars out of them. Just saying. Is this how Hive wants "mass adoption"?

I registered on the Steem blockchain on 2017.05.17. I still post my Actifit reports there, but I do not really use the Steem blockchain anymore. And I completely stopped plagiarizing (=translating articles).

Nowadays I mostly write about my Splinterlands rewards on the Hive blockchain, and I also post Actifit reports, and photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy A12.

Maybe you are both right. Giving up on the rewards is the best. Plan B. Going to Spain for cave living. No rent, no bills, no worries. "Free life", as the leader of one of the communities call it. They live there for approximately 10 years. I would do well there with my approximately $250 USD pension-like income.

99% of the Facebook users are "shitposters", yet Facebook still makes billions of dollars out of them. Just saying. Is this how Hive wants "mass adoption"?

🤦 You really don't understand anything.

No one can save you from yourself. You're your biggest enemy, you just can't see that.

I told you before, you're doing the same thing for four years and expect a different results. You sound like a broker record, always complaining instead of trying to change something. I bet by now everyone on the blockchain is sick about you always complaining. You can't force people to vote your posts, that must be earned. I bet many have already told you but all that fell on deaf ears.

Anyway, good luck with your cave life in Spain, I hope you're going to find what you're looking for.

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you should support projects like bitcoin myk and bbd coins that use an egalitarian method for earnings. these guys the few at the top who earn only talk about their earnings and success and wealth. That doesn't apply to the rest of us nor does it help the majority of people.

It's time we all use systems like bitcoin myk that rely on autocuration fair across the board for everyone and not just a few stakeholders. It's still better for most of the people to have some measure of success than the same 5 guys i can name them all one is marky mark lol. and every year they sell us on this same bs. Well it's time you all rebelled and did more than just offer lip service. Show these guys you prefer egalitarian methods and seeing that most people don't get anything anyway what the hell do they have to lose? they may as well join bitcoin myk they aren't earning anything anyway. atleast get the appreciation of being valued by a project unlike many of these guys. which i have pleaded with but they ignore me because they making good money when the rest of us aren't. We have to decide enough is enough. It's not up to them. It's up to us but crying about it won't make these guys change anything. We gotta tell them through action we do not accept this anymore and stop worrying about how much you making to have a voice and stop it. if everybody stopped worrying about if they going to make a 50 cent upvote versus change the system to one that serves you. Then none of us would have this problem. The first thing everyone goes is i'm not making that much money. Sure you aren't and porbably never will. Until you support systems that have your best interest first then nothing changes we will just be singing this song another 4 or 5 years. So i hope you all understand that. If you don't then nothing will change

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Until you support systems that have your best interest first then nothing changes we will just be singing this song another 4 or 5 years.

Nowadays I earn more by playing Splinterlands than by blogging, which is ridiculous/hilarious/funny. I do not know for how long this will work, but if this will stop working, then I will just cancel my mobile internet subscription, and I will leave the whole internet, because it will not going to worth it. I am not going to sing this song for much more.

And I will also stop paying rent and bills in Hungary, and move to Spain to live in a cave with a community, which is already there for approximately 10 years. I will live a free life with my approximately $250 USD per month pension-like income, without having to pay rent and bills.

I am very tired of this financial discrimination.

Again. I am sure that I will not going to sing this song for another 4 or 5 years. Not even for 1 year.

Yes unfortunately this is the experience of most people. Inbetween we hear a few success stories but the solution isn't keep working broken systems. We have to only work systems that work for us. Even participation in broken systems promotes broken systems. As you say people eventually give up and quit and go home. That's not a solution. It's certainly not any blockchain solution.

If you're good at gaming and it works for you that's a good thing. Is the entire world going to be good at gaming? Probably not. Is there going to be several dozen skillset games that pop up and people win or lose? Yes. I think the world is ready for global guaranteed income distributed over the blockchain but the people who need it the most have to advocate for it and voice it the most. This has to be done because the people who need it the most will finally benefit from it.

Crying to people who don't care if you receive it or not is not the answer. They don't care they live in their imploding capitalistic ivory towers until those themselves collapse in and they most likely will because they are certainly less sustainable than global guaranteed income. They think it's the other way around but they are learning they are incorrect. We just look at these ridiculous distribution numbers and we see most of the population of the earth is not being served or help. So i wouldn't worry much my friend.

This is going to lead to a natural solution that will in the end work for you. Whether they want it to or not. It's inevitable in every version of history we have to get well from these sick systems and we do. We will this time and everytime but it comes when the people say enough is enough. They will say it and they'll say it sooner than later. When they say enough is enough i'm going to be right here fighting for them.

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or like this right here and all this crypto wealth and booming capitalism stock markets but what about these popping up everywhere?

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this all the booming crypto wealth and capitalism they talking about

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