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RE: Brendan Eich Says Blockchain Is a Wrong Tool For Task and He Knows About Hive

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Users want Delete/Undo button for their content and actions. Without this feature you are not really in full control of your content.
Hive does not have that feature.
I don't about LBRY.
Sia Skynet apps could unlink deleted content from data structures and interfaces but bullies could possibly still pin the blob and republish it but I think this is about the same as taking a screenshot of a tweet.


It is possible to edit posts and comments on Hive. While original still will be in the blockchain, Apps will show the updated version. People use editing feature all the time.
Also it is unto App developers to build new to tools to make this possible. For example custom_json feature of Hive allows storing all kinds of text based data. One can develop an App that stores user data in an encrypted form on the database and users could choose who can view the data. When user decides to delete the data they will simply remove decrypting privileges.

When user decides to delete the data they will simply remove decrypting privileges.

By telling apps that they should no longer show a certain encrypted data. You'd have to trust apps to keep the keys safe and to honor your request.

Perhaps a separate decryption service could be built. That entity and the author would be the only entities in possession of the key needed to decrypt a piece of content, each of which would be encrypted with a unique key.

Perhaps the blockchain should not hold the text content at all but only a hash of it against which to test every version that potentially claims to be the original. The content could be self-hosted by the author him/herself or on some sort of peer-to-peer networks if additional resistance to censorship is needed.

There is no reason why an app like this using Hive could not be developed.

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Edit feature on Hive only really works for correcting and updating posts imo. Bullies will dig up the previous revisions and bully like they bullied Justin Sun a year ago.
It is true that you can build new apps and features on L2 but why would you use Hive? I see no incentive to maintain my own custom-made L2 for Hive when I could as well host my dapp on an existing smart contract blockchain project without Hive.

Because Hive has feeless 3 second transactions. On Ethereum you need have to spend Gas to use the network, which costs a lot of money at the moment, and probably more and more as ETH value increases. Hive has a Resource Credit system. Just stake some Hive and automatically earn RCs that can be used for transactions.

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Hive transaction being fast and cheap does not automatically make your L2 transactions fast and cheap. L2 transaction fees depend on how you reward your L2 validators / block producers. I don't think your app is a dapp if L2 validation is centralized.
There are also cheaper Ethereum compatible chains like BSC, TRON, ETC