The same has been said about Bitcoin countless times.

Take a look at the infrastructure and partnerships that've been developed for both.

All subjective criticisms aside, Ripple has been building out working solutions to major problems in the global financial ecosystem that Bitcoin has not and cannot be scaled to effectively solve.

The type of reasoning presented in this article is why I haven't touched XRP since discovering it 3.5 years ago.

However, upon having had a great deal of experience and exposure to more of what's been going on in crypto since and taking another look at what Ripple has been working on since, there is plenty of reason to reconsider.

There have been very significant developments since that article came out 15 months.

Those who've committed to subjective judgements based on fixed philosophies years ago may still have their minds closed to Ripple until this day. Though objectively, it has some serious technological advantages over Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies out there.

It's great for questions like those in the Forbes article to be raised. Though there are several other perspectives to it and far more detail to the complete bigger picture...

no it hasnt been said the same bout btc cuz btc doesnt even want to be a bridge currency. btc is btc.

I meant it's been said countless times that 'BTC is a scam.'

lol :-)