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# Cryptocurrency policy may tighten

BTC quickly dived to near 36,000 U.S. dollars in a short-term, and then fell to near 34,000 U.S. dollars. One can't help but speculate on what new news the market has. I checked the Internet and found that multiple BTC accounts were suspected of being blocked (Chinese Weibo accounts), but the exact reason has not yet been announced. Preliminary analysis of the short-term dive of BTC may be related to this incident, indicating that BTC and other cryptocurrency policies may continue to tighten.

In fact, I also have some understanding of these accounts. Some of them have experience in real speculation of BTC, and there are traces of people speculating about BTC. Some of these BTC account authors just publish BTC-related news on the platform, or simply analyze the market. And some BTC accounts have real experience in BTC hype, and even made a lot of money during the previous rounds of BTC price increases, thinking that they have a wealth of experience in BTC hype. So I directly established a small circle to lead people to speculate on BTC, and while earning private domain traffic, I also wanted to establish an alliance of interests. However, during this period of time, the BTC market has plummeted. Obviously, their routines can't be used anymore. I don't know if their experience is good or not.


# BTC accounts lead people to hype BTC, if you keep guessing the rise, there is a high accuracy rate

To be honest, I have read a lot of articles about BTC accounts that lead people to hype BTC. Someone once sang high BTC for more than ten days, and the reason is not much different. And from time to time, I posted the screenshots of people in my small circle who hyped BTC, including screenshots of my own earnings, which has obvious intention to induce others to hype BTC. There is almost no increase in the risk of BTC in his article. Even in May, when the price of BTC fell, he simply mentioned that the short position has the advantage.

In fact, cryptocurrencies like BTC are similar to an ultra-high-risk financial product, and there are no rules to follow at all. In the past few years, when the BTC trend was rising, most of the retail investors made money. In fact, it has little to do with the experience of BTC speculation. Some BTC accounts have a return rate of 800% when the market catches up, but the return rate is mediocre after sharing experience. His analysis of market trends has an accuracy rate of only 55%, which is far worse than I have been guessing the rise. The accuracy rate of guessing the rise before May may exceed 80%.

In fact, BTC is much more stable than other counterfeit currencies. Predicting the rise and fall of BTC is not the biggest risk of BTC hype. The biggest risk is that people are trapped in it. As the saying goes, "Small gambling is delightful, and big gambling hurts one's health." If you just hype BTC in cash, your profits and losses are still within your control. But don't forget that you can add leverage to BTC hype. If you use ten times or one hundred times leverage, then you will be thinking of heaven and hell. Not all users can afford the risk of speculating BTC, and there should be the most basic risk authentication mechanism.


# In the BTC market, there is no problem that cannot be solved by "unplugging the network cable"

Thinking of a movie, there is a classic line in it, to the effect that "I am not targeting anyone present, but everyone present." There are a lot of industry terms such as Bollinger Bands, Manometric Lines, Lower Shadow Lines, and Support Levels. They look very tall, but in fact they have no resistance in front of capital giants. Not to mention that a few BTC accounts can't bring any rhythm in the BTC field. Even if there are hundreds of millions or billions, you will not be surprised if you throw them on BTC.

BTC is different from a game station in that it can be easily squeezed short by "retail investors", causing heavy losses for shorts. We need to know whose hands are the chips of BTC. The chips currently circulating in the market account for a small proportion of BTC, and capital giants have absolute control over the market. And even if it is driven by some people and has the opportunity to affect the interests of the capital giants, it can be solved by "unplugging the network cable". There is nothing that a meal can’t solve a problem between friends. By the same token, there is nothing that cannot be solved by "unplugging the network cable" on BTC's problems.


It is recommended that ordinary investors do not follow the so-called BTC account to speculate BTC. The risk of speculation is very high. If you look at the BTC information occasionally, a small amount of investment is fine. Remember: Investment is risky, and you must be cautious when entering the market.

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