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***Since the introduction of Bitcoin, people have been trying to find its inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, but to no avail. Therefore, some people speculate that Satoshi Nakamoto may not be a human being on earth, but an alien! Is Satoshi Nakamoto really an alien?

On the Internet, there is a rumor about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, saying that he is an alien. So is this statement made up, or is there a trace to follow?***

The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has always been a mystery

From the appearance of Satoshi Nakamoto in cypherpunk to the release of the Bitcoin white paper, to his successful retirement, all people who have dealt with Satoshi Nakamoto do not know his true identity. With the explosion of Bitcoin, many people, including governments and followers of Bitcoin, want to figure out the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, but they all failed. In 2014, a reporter claimed that he had found Satoshi Nakamoto. This Satoshi Nakamoto's name is Dorian Nakamoto, and he is a Japanese-American. His photos have also been widely circulated as photos of Satoshi Nakamoto. Later, it turns out that this Dorian Satoshi has nothing to do with Bitcoin. During this process, some people claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but they were unable to provide reliable evidence. They all ended in a farce of rubbing traffic.


Many well-known scientists suspected aliens

For example, the famous scientist Tesla, when it comes to Tesla, I believe everyone is familiar with Musk's Tesla. Yes, Musk’s Tesla is named after the scientist Tesla. Tesla's full name is Nikola Tesla. Although he is not as well-known as Einstein and Newton, his achievements are not lost to them. Among all the achievements and predictions of Tesla, apart from alternating current, the most prominent is the prediction of the emergence of mobile phones. He once said this. He said that in the future, there will be a device that can send information via radio. This device is the mobile phone we use now.

Tesla once described himself in this way. He said that he was nothing more than a "cosmic force machine" endowed with movement, emotion and thought. This statement implies that he is an intelligent machine created by aliens. There is a declassified document of the US FBI circulating on the Internet. Among them, there is a record of Tesla: He is an alien and comes from Venus. In addition, there is another saying that there are two major factions of aliens in outer space. There was a war between them. The one who defeated them sealed the memory of the defeated and exiled them to the earth. Tesla may be one of them, and his memory may be awakened. Even Tesla himself said that he often had hallucinations and felt that he was communicating with alien creatures, and some strange pictures often flashed in his mind, and then he wrote down these pictures and it became an invention.

Let’s not discuss the authenticity of these materials for the time being. Let’s just look at Tesla’s research areas: alternating current systems, radio systems, wireless power transmission, ball lightning, turbines, amplification transmitters, particle beam weapons, solar engines, X-rays Equipment, power meters, missile science, remote sensing technology, aircraft, cosmic rays, radar systems, and robots. He has achieved results in such a wide range of fields. These results have exceeded his time for hundreds of years. From this point of view , It's really incredible.


The origin of the universe is digital, and digital currency is likely to become the currency of the universe

Everyone knows that the core foundation of all our current information technology is binary, the two numbers 0 and 1. The smallest unit of machine language for all our software and programs is 0 and 1. Many mysterious phenomena and unsolved mysteries, such as the pyramids, will ultimately boil down to mathematical problems. In a sense, the origin of the universe is numbers, and numbers are the same for us, as are for aliens. Aliens do not necessarily know our words and graphics, but they must know numbers. Therefore, aliens may recognize our digital currency issued based on the blockchain. Musk has said that Martian residents may use cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin for transactions, and there will be a cryptocurrency economy on Mars. One day in the future, if we can establish contact or trade with alien creatures, the digital currency issued based on the blockchain may become the universal currency of the entire universe. Because gold and silver are not necessarily recognized by extraterrestrial creatures of precious metals, there may be gold everywhere on a certain planet, which is worthless to them, not to mention our renminbi and US dollars. The best choice is cryptocurrency. . It is for this reason that aliens helped us create Bitcoin. Why do aliens help us? This involves another argument, saying that the evolutionary level of aliens is far higher than that of humans. In order to communicate with us, they have been secretly helping us evolve and helped us invent alternating current. Helped us invent the Internet, and now helped us invent the blockchain. Therefore, from this perspective, Satoshi Nakamoto may not exist at all, and all aliens are operating behind the scenes.


From the above three aspects, the statement that Satoshi Nakamoto is an alien has a certain degree of credibility. You cannot believe it completely, but you cannot believe it completely.

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