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RE: Azircon You're a Shame! Don't Vote Just Reblog If Hive Is Yours

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Hi @antisocialist,

My response to you invitation and to your statements is as follows:

When people signed up (and when new people sign up into the future) they sign(ed) up for a Hive account. They did not sign up to jump through hoops and build consensus outside the blockchain. That was never the vision and can not be considered the best way to evolve peoples Hive experience.

These sorts of things need to be handled on chain and if they can not then this is yet another sign that this aspect of the procedure needs to be reworked.

As more and more people onboard this is only going to get more and more apparent.

Also... I would be amiss to not also bring up more.

I believe that this method of off-chaining issues that happen on-chain also sets up the game for all sorts of abuse (of a different nature than the spam and plagiarism everyone is worried about) as their is no level of consequence or accountability in the courts of discord for those administering it.

And so I say in response, "Beware of this approach to Hive integrity."

We need to focus on further evolving the DPOS governance model.

THAT is exactly what it is that people are signing up for when they join us here on Hive... otherwise they would settle for keeping their perfectly good Bitcoin invested squarely in POW and POS systems.

You see... The problem with governance off chain is that it allows egos and arrogance to grow and overflow onto the blockchain.

We can be doing all the right things but in the wrong ways... and it still ends up being a huge mess that the community is going to have to clean up later on.

This methodology, I believe, is also doing a lot more than we bargained for... It's directly effecting the marketability of the Hive Blockchain and adjusting the price of the Hive Token downwards with every response.

And if we are not careful this could result in more people are actively migrating off the chain than are arriving. If that were to happen, it's going to get pretty echoy here if we are not careful!

Big picture...

We need a Hive where business owners can feel confident to build out their business's.

We need a Hive where investors can feel confident enough to park their money.

That's not going to happen if we allow heavy handed approaches.

Zero Out's brands us in some very bad way's.

The people of Hive deserve a friendlier Hive Blockchain.

I really hope that what I'm saying acts as a wake up call for you and many others.