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RE: Azircon You're a Shame! Don't Vote Just Reblog If Hive Is Yours

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Read back through my comments. What I am suggesting is a way to democratize the DV through the utilization of DPOS at the base layer.

If this is part of being a Hive owner (freedom & responsibility right?) then we have now given ourselves another use factor for our DPOS and we have systematized (and branded) the process of controlling for abuse into a tight and efficient process.

No longer would people be working for HiveWatchers they would be working for the Hive Blockchain and that would align behaviour and implementation as such.

A flag would broadcast and serve as a warning to the person who is in breach and this would build time into the equation so that we don’t create a blindside and zero out without consensus culture.

Not only does this effectively deal with the problem (defusing a lot of the potential charge as it is a community decision now) it also would spread the load of integrity out further bringing together the community rather than driving it apart.

This is a solution that scales while also not destroying and undermining the hard and difficult task of marketing (and keeping marketable) the Hive Blockchain to the masses.

If you would like to read more about what I’m thinking here you can check out my thoughts in the comments section of one of @theycallmedan’s posts (posted a couple months ago) where I (and others) detail a plan for how the DV could work. 👇