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RE: Azircon You're a Shame! Don't Vote Just Reblog If Hive Is Yours

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Ah man... your missing so many points this time around my friend. I’m actually on the mend from a week of COVID... and to be honest. I don’t have the energy to sit down, rectify, and explain my self over and over again on these points.

Let’s put it this way...

We aren’t talking about the potential of the Hive blockchains technology. I sold a lot of stock, my fitness studio and equipment, and invested some of my personal savings because I believed in that...

But here’s the problem I see...

There’s too many people set on keeping things that are clearly broken the same. This isn’t the time for this level of closed mindedness. It’s the time to innovate the future of HOW we human.

If we kept things the same we would all be living in mud huts and nothing would improve so evolving is an imperative and a community of people with that mindset will be an open and listening one rather than an explaining why things are one.

I am actually thinking (and the is only the second time now.) of pausing all my BUIDL projects around fitness... powering down... and moving my attention over to 100% @comet.ranker. That means no more @beachready. No more @adventureready. I have all but lost confidence in the ability for this place to create the stability needed to support business investment... or at least what it’s going to take. A business dies in an unhealthy social environment. Ideas die in these sorts of environments.

This has got to be a place that not only attracts new people but retains them and inspires them to evolve themselves and tell their friends, family, and famous.

And right now... I just feel like we are sooooooo far away from the solid ground we would need to do the sorts of things I have in mind for my fitness business’s to thrive.

So yeah... if I’m thinking this way after 4 years of really trying with my time, skill, and capital... how many other people are feeling this way? How many people have already left because of thinking like this?

It’s not looking good... and so regrettably...

I am actually considering moving those projects back off chain.

That’s a shame really... after all the effort and time that’s gone into them...

But I can see that there are some much much larger problems on the blockchain that I need to be dedicating 100% of my time and effort to.

So that’s actually where I’m at.

That’s actually what’s on my mind.

The point of this is really to suss out if this is the sort of friendly social environment where a fitness business can succeed and thrive...

And honestly man... I’m getting a little sick of picking up the broken glass.

So yeah... I’m feeling a little frustrated that your not really listening to hear and understand me... your just busy explaining and justifying why things need to stay exactly as is.


I thought we were better than this...