Same old girl; but with a very modern face lift ❤❤❤

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Portrayed in a vibrant new design for 2022, Britannia – the noble female warrior who appeared on Roman coins almost 2,000 years ago – continues to inspire a nation.
-Royal Mint

First appearing on coins during Roman times, the UK has portrayed Britannia on its flagship silver bullion coin the "Brittannia" for around 1000yrs..... Considered by many to be a symbol of strength, hope and progress, shes had a little touch-up this year and i think she looks stunning.


The Britannia 2022 design is the work of Dan Thorne, one of the youngest designers working in the Product Design team working with the mint. The RM is at the forefront of modern coin design and since 2016, the mint has been modernised and, in this time, coin design has been somewhat revolutionised. The RM were the first Mint in the world to add security features built innto their coins to prevent copies and the use of revolutionary technology has allowed the mint to facilitate this and some.

At one point all coin designs were once worked in plaster but now The Royal Mint’s product designers have almost wholly transferred to digital design. This allows for grester detail to be etched on to the coins and helps in adding small security features impossivle to see with the naked eye. Laser cutting has been one of the greatest changes at the mint as it gives a 4K resolution, whereas using the old style plaster can only retain so much fine detail.


Taking inspiration from the "George William De Saulles’" Britannia, which first appeared on the reverse of the florin from 1902 and shows Britannia turning slightly over her shoulder, a modern interpretation suits and looks very well(in my opinion) on this 2022 silver proof Britannia.

A one florin coin

Using innovative digital design methods for this flagship coin range and by incorporating a bold and vibrant icon in Britannia, that celebrates past achievements, whilst looking to the future I can see the 2022 coin being a real hit with collectors amd will appeal to experienced investors and collectors alike.

So whats your thoughts - HOT or NOT?



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It looks great!

That’s hawt!

And I am emscrambled to think your race of elves have been mi ting coins for 1000 years —> that’s hawt!
Love ya buddy 😜🤣🤩

I like and have the 2014 proof ones but this one of 2022 looks great too.

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