Making money with science: its the small(pox) details

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Being a crazy scientist, I have a love for everything scientific... well duhh!! So when you combine breakthrough scientific achievements and precious metals, im in my element.

Since the release of the 2019 INOVATION IN SCIENCE series of coins, starting with the Stephen Hawkin 50 pence (£0.50) coin, ive been hooked on this set of Royal Mint coins.


So far the mint have released 6 coins in the series, all the same denomination of 50p (£0.50). Well they've upped their game now, with the newest release, a £2 coin commemorating the work of EDWARD JENNER.

Its initial release will be as a "mint your own" coin, only available directly from the RM, before being relased for general sale through their website on the 26th of January.


Not only is this the first inovation in science coin to be of a different denomination, but its the first strike your own coin to feature the new kings portrait.

So are these coins worth the money?? In my opinion 100% YES and i cant wait to get my hands on it. My only conundrum is whether to wait till the 26th or pay that little bit extra and go mont my own coin tomorrow....


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Common, this silver stuff is worth adding to collection

They are indeed beautiful!

It's a nice set of coins. Excellent for collecting !

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At first it might get some people upset then they realize it's not for COVID 😂

I am with you!!! I have the insulin Canadian coin as well



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