This Could Have Been a Perfect Time for Collateralized Lending | Riftwatchers Presale

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Threads has been a useful addition to Leosphere and I am looking forward to see #ProjectBlank in its full glory. The newly added liquidity pools and wrapped assets on Polygon and BNB Chain have been a blessing to the entire HIVE in many ways. Multi Token Bridge has been doing amazing work for the tokenomics of CubFinance and PolyCub platforms. These features will eventually be ported to other EVM chains building tremendously utility which in turn will help with the prices that have crashed quite hard recently.

Sometimes None of It Matters

Value is subjective. This is one of the most fundamental things about economics (the correct economics AKA Austrian School). When there is a great need to participate in a Presale like the one that is about to start in less than an hour, what matters is instant access to a large amount of cryptocurrency.

Collateralized Lending Would Fix This

These are far from the glory days of my portfolio. I aped in with diamond hands I have no regrets. I am willing to suffer through years of all time lows. I have seen the improvements that has happened and I am very much onboard with the long term vision.

Wen Have My Cake and Eat It?

That was the promise. It was better than most other lending products since there was the self paying aspect. It was one of the features I have been most hyped for in cryptosphere for long time. So please allow me to annoy everyone with another "Wen".

A Real Use Case in Action

HIVE is increasingly working on better marketing and more development. @splinterlands developers are bringing another game to HIVE with the collaboration of MLS Players Association. There is the upcoming Tower Defense game from @splinterlands These are only a few recent examples that does require a significant amount of cryptocurrency to take part in (if you want to get the best rewards).

Do you think there is a demand to have a portion of one's long term cryptocurrency investments made liquid to make such additional investments feasible? My answer is a resounding YES!

The Silver Lining: SPS

This is happening all the while Ethereum is facing "Buy the rumor, Sell the news" effect. Ideally I would love to see at least a 2X growth in SPS price. That would allow me to get the Title of "The Watcher" by getting 1000 Riftwatchers Gems. 2000+ Packs would be an even better deal with 20% bonus. I'm not going to bore you with the details of having to find more VOUCHERs etc. You get the idea.

At least we are doing better than the above chart. @splinterlands has garnered enough attention to go up 50.1% during the last 14 days alone. Ethereum lost 2.5% during the same period.

Happy Gaming! Happy

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I am still waiting on the collateralized lending on the CUB/PolyCUB platforms but it doesn't look like the development focus is on that. At least, I haven't heard any mentions about it lately.

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It is likely a very difficult to create feature. On the other hand improving the Multi Token Bridge can have a real impact on tokenomics immediately with predictable results. Collateralize lending is mostly an uncharted territory.

Splinterlands ecosystem has been on a hyper blast over the past weeks. It’s lovely to see. How high will SPS go

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My personal target is $5 but that is more of a long term goal.


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