There is Over $1.1 Million Loaded and Waiting in @splinterlands to Make a Purchase + Other Statistics With An All News HIVE Tool

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The devil is in the details. I have figured out a great many trades and investment opportunities simply thoguh figuring out small details. My first trade ever involved looking at figures leading up to the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork to make few contrarian moves that tripled my liquid net worth in under 48 hours.

What I have figured out today with the help of an all new tool created by fellow officer in Roaring Twenties Guild, @kiokizz is not something that would change my existing strategies planned for @splinterlands

I Had My Optimistic Worries Confirmed


1000 Credits = $1.00 is a peg maintained by @splinterlands which acts as a way of pre-loading the account with fiat or cryptocurrency without having to pay for each purchase separately. 64.02% of the supply is held by @steemmonsters (which is what the game was called when it was first created). I'm not sure if these Credits are already owned by some parties or if the developers have minted the Credits expecting the demand from new users.

That is Still $402,496 in a Worst Case

Unlike DEC, these Credits are not a speculative investment. It is a trusted and centralized stablecoin that is only accepted for @splinterlands purchases. Credits are accumulating because there is not much left to be purchased.

Sold Out.png

A fraction of these Credits are sufficient for buying 100K Chaos Legion Packs. I would expect a higher threshold for releasing airdrop cards for early buyers. Considering that there are many who would simply purchase directly through cryptocurrency, I wold expect some massive selloffs to account for the long winter of having nothing to purchase.

46 in Land Plot Claims

Land Plot.png

This is not something I expected to see. I'm very much in the Dolphin range of many of my HIVE related investments and I did not expect seeing myself this high. My average expense per Land Plot should have been somewhere around $10.

I was preaching the case for $100 per Plot and now I'm looking at $466.74 price. This is without a working product. This is without hundreds of thousands of new players being unaware of Land Plots. This was again another investment decision I had made after looking at the details. It worked out to be an incredibly successful one.

195 in Common Totem Claims


Most of my Totems were Common rarity. Even these are priced $100.30 on HIVE-Engine at the moment. SPS Airdrop will take a long while to reach these level of returns. In addition to that, I am already getting airdrop points thanks to these previous purchases.

Noticing A Dolphin Friend in Rankings

I'm not the only Dolphin sized player who made it to these rankings. @r1s2g3 seems to like those Alchemy potions a lot. I'm sure they are going to be put into good use when Chaos Legion gets released in the coming weeks.

SplinterStats - Rich List

It has been a phenomenally useful tool for me as someone who is not a coder. Even if you are a coder, why waste your time creating an interface when there is one available thanks to @kiokizz

Happy Investing!

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Splinterlands has definitely become the most successful blockchain game ... I don't understand the various blockchain gaming news sites that don't put it first

Lately there has been a little more coverage. HIVE DAPPs rarely put much effort into outside marketing. It ends up costing us a great deal of press.

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you were so right about the land!

I sent you an encrypted memo! 👀👀👀👀