Thank You @splinterlands for The Excellent Handling of DAO Proposals for Riftwatchers

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When you have a large project with many moving parts and millions of dollars on the new paradigm of blockchain/Web 3 gaming; coming across few mishaps is not out of the ordinary. Virtually every project whether on blockchain or otherwise face through difficult situations like this. The way these problems are handled says a lot about a project. The way @splinterlands handled the issues that happens during Riftwatchers Presale is a class act IMHO,

Thank You For Split Proposals

I made a dPoll asking for what the community would consider better and everyone's consensus was that it was better to have separate proposals instead of having everything bundled into one. If I quote myself:

Many users are not treating the various factors as all "Yes" or "No" votes. If these were presented in a single DAO proposal, it would mean many voters will have to make a compromised and weighted decision that are less representative of what they really feel as the best course of action.

We had 4 Proposals and the community got to decide on what the best course of action would be. As I expected, different Proposals are having very much different levels of support. The community had real control over this. How many other so called Web 3 projects can demonstrate such community control over the project?

Less Than 30% of Staked SPS Voted

Some of these staked SPS belongs to Oracle Staking done by @leofinance and possibly by some other similar attempts. I don't think these will account for 70% of all staked SPS. @splinterlands made an initial proposal and then a revised proposal taking time to listen to the community and present the most suitable proposals for voting. It is tine for the community to use the power they have finally received to be a part of the game.


There is a great deal to explore there in addition to all the voting. Aside from the official website there are many other projects built around the game such as @peakmonsters @monstermarket Card Auctionz and many others. If you have your favorite tool to mention about @splinterlands let me know in the comments. It could end up helping many investors/players.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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Thanks for the heads up on the proposal. I decided to vote in-game but it doesn't look like there is much time for people to vote though.

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They probably wanted to finish the vote before they make it possible to open Riftwatchers Gems.