Raves is An Easy Way to Earn Extra Rewards With Cards You Probably Own Already

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It is great to see a blockchain gaming project you love and invested in expand itself providing additional utility to its assets. @risingstargame is constantly releasing new additions to the game, which is not something you can say about most NFT projects. Most of them do not have any real utility other than being able to own it and brag about it. NFTs were in a bubble and I expect another NFT bubble in the future with another bull market.

@risingstargame will have a better resistance negative price action due to utility and the amazing community that exist on HIVE. I have played the game for around 3 years and I have mostly good things to say about it.

Raves is Easy to Play

Although the mechanics of Raves has some complexity to it, the gameplay itself can be done with 2 clicks. A player can join Raves without knowing anything about its mechanics under the hood and walk out with some SWAP.HIVE in rewards.

Raves Official Tutorial

The best and easiest way to figure out how to optimize Raves performance is reading the official tutorial which is very short. If you were already a part of beta testers, you should have started to earn a part of the 9.711 SWAP.HIVE Reward Pool (that keeps growing).

I Only Had FA1 Supportive Friend

I could buy more Cards from the market. I prefer earning through gameplay and I am happy to take my time. I'm a casual player of @risingstargame ; not a serious gamer.

Past Performance + Rewards

Taking a look at historical data is a useful method to forecast future outcomes. It is not a guaranteed method, but a pathway towards reduced uncertainty. These Raves have a higher barrier for entry compared to most parts of @risingstargame and will likely require an investment from the user to get started. If you are unsure about investing, try the game here and make the final decision after exploring few parts of the game yourself.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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I haven't started playing this game yet but I have seen a lot of people's posts and I am also trying to play it after a few days since you mentioned that we have one in it. Some extra reaward can also get.

The good thing with @risingstargame is that it is very easy to get started. A game like @splinterlands require a lot more upfront commitment. Take a few minutes to see how it work. If you don't like it, you can always ignore the game. Best of Luck!

Thanks. I will start some.


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