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RE: StemGeeks STEM Token Sell Wall Destroyed

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I saw the post from @sanjeevm and congratulated him there. He did a great service to the community. We are about to see some really great booms for these SCOT Tribes like @leofinance @stemgeeks and many more. @dbuzz doesn't have a token, but they have some impressive statistics to show:

It looks like a large part of future HIVE price appreciation will come because of the communities. I'm feeling very proud about making these predictions a long time ago while SMTs were just being discussed.


Nice call on your communities prediction.

I hope you've been putting your money where your mouth is ;)

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I hope you've been putting your money where your mouth is ;)

I certainly did, but not enough. Vale of what I own on HIVE-Engine is about 50% of the value of my HIVE. Majority of it is LEO. After that it is:

  • EPC
  • PAL
  • STEM
  • SPT

I was putting so much into DEC. Now my @splinterlands account is worth twice my HIVE. I'm honestly out of liquidity to put enough money on where my mouth is.

Haha, we never have enough when things start to go our way.

That LEO in your wallet certainly looks nice :)

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Dow Jones & Company (they own The Wall Street Journal + MarketWatch etc.) makes about 1.5 Billion USD every year. If @leofinance became 10% of that wouldn't it be unreasonable to call $25 LEO. Absolutely not! I don't think it would be time to sell until LEO reach $100. Marketcap wise we would still be under 700 Million USD at that point.

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