Project Blank is The Ultimate Marketing Funnel for LEO | Growth Will Trickle Down to CUB + POLYCUB

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During the entire week we have seen lower lows for both CUB and POLYCUB. If you are using Threads you may have seen my coverage. I was about to expand my thoughts on the dip only to realize that markets are still continuously crashing. USSA is strengthening the FUD in various ways while a rare few countries support the innovations on the cryptosphere. I am not happy with the track record of a single country (including El Salvador and UAE). Some countries are less worse than others.

Notice The Trading Volume



As an investor, I have been taking a look at CUB and POLYCUB statistics on @coingecko and few of things caught my attention. These can be summarized as a mix of low trading volume combined with low liquidity. There is no need for you to take the perspective of someone attempting a pump for CUB or POLYCUB. Simply try and attempt a large purchase of the Tokens. I know this because I ended up investing over $60,000 into CUB and POLYCUB and I single handedly caused massive price swings.

I don't regret my decision either. I have everything in the form of vexPOLYCUB and CUB Kingdom (locked for 52 weeks) earning 20.85% and 22.96% APY respectively. I'm in this for the long term. That does not mean I sit back and do nothing. Long term is similar to planting a forest. Weed grows fast and does as fast. Projects built by @leofinance are not of that nature.

vex Will Make It Easier to Pump!

Long term staking guarantees that market has a low liquidity. This is bad for the times where the prices are falling. I'm not complaining about this. TI cannot get any loans against vexPOLYCUB or CUB Kingdom. The rise and fall of prices mean nothing to me (for as long as the Tokens remain locked). I do want to someday take profits and not live off of scraps of my ultra frugal life. When I take profits, I want to make sure the market itself is in an uptrend.

POLYCUB Marketcap is $131,446


CUB Marketcap is $344,771

CUB Kingdom.png

The best case scenario is for CUB and POLYCUB to be in an strong uptrend by the time these staked Tokens are released to the market again. If there were a large number of investors joining the DAPPs, this scenario can easily come to pass. What we need is a way to onboard new users.

Requirements for The New Users

  • They must be sold on the value of CubFinance and Polycub.
  • They need to be knowledgeable about self custody and using multiple blockchains.
  • They better see strong communication from the developers.
  • Preferably there will be a strong community to support the users when help is needed.

Obviously the gears should be turning in your heads. We are already seeing this exact thing happening on @leofinance for years now. What we need is scaling what we have already been doing and extract the best value out of the social media experience that has been built on the blockchain free from the interference from governments and Big Tech.

What We Suspected of Twitter Censorship Turned Out To Be True

I don't expect the other Big Tech social media to be doing better. Relying on Twitter is one of the biggest flaws of most cryptocurrency projects. We are free of that flaw. If @leofinance loose its 16.2K followers, it will not be a huge issue. The best of the community is on HIVE. The goal should be to bring as many potential investors as possible to HIVE. Once they are onboard, the organic funnel can be activated.

LeoFinance vs Threads (Project Blank)



I don't know anything about the accuracy of the above data. It is best to consult @khaleelkazi or @dalz about statistics. If they are even remotely true, we can rest the case on why we should pay attention to Threads where users will be constantly exposed to content that will educated them on DAPPs while letting them know that there are other DAPPs under the LEO umbrella. Creators such as @taskmaster4450le will become extremely valuable assets at this phase of the funnel.

Happy Investing!

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I think CUB/PolyCUB can do well but I think most of the focus is being put towards threads right now. Do we know if Khal and the team has used some of the fees earned yet to buy back/burn CUB/PolyCUB? I think that was mentioned before.

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I like how you summarized your thoughts. The umbrella of apps and products build under Leo needs recognition for sure. Leothreads is the vehicle to attract users if we market the product right. The building phase is still going on. Let's see how much we have in ourselves to make it sustainable and go beyond the current Hive userbase.

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I have high confidence in the ability for Project Blank to other projects forward. There are businesses that built their brand through building a community and creating content on social media. When it comes to @leofinance, we are the social media! Our rules, our turf and our DAPPs.

I agree. I believe the product we have in hand has a lot of potential. I am here daily. We need to educate and guide other hivers to bring in to the social media we created. We have time but we should grow steadily.

We didn't loose active users even during the bear market. Threads are growing rapidly. A bull market will eventually come whether it take few months or few years. I keep my LEO, CUB POLYCUB staked for that day.

:D For sure. I am back to threading to hit the target number. see ya :P

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