OpenHive.Chat: Off-Chain Chat With On-Chain Hive Authentication

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HIVE has accomplished most things that should be a part of modern social media. We already have some amazing front ends from @ecency @peakd @leofinance and there are some specialized front ends such as @dbuzz for microblogging (which has some great features you won't see on Twitter). What we don't have much of is chat features.

Most of the time Discord has been used for communication as it is faster and doesn't have to be immutably recorded on blockchain. was a pleasant surprise. It uses BeeChat developed by @aggroed and @reazuliqbal and I have tried things around. If you have a Hive account, you can start chatting just like you would on other social media. None of the conversations are end to end encrypted.

Today I Found OpenHive.Chat


The issue with taking the chat off chain is that it is very difficult to be sure whether you are are talking to the same person You can employee with things like Encrypted Memo keys and find solutions to the problem. Sending/posting a specific transaction on HIVE blockchain is another verification method I have seen. These take a lot of time and effort compared to a simple tool like OpenHive Chat.

Powered by Rocket.Chat


Rocket.Chat is a free and open source project with hundreds of contributors on GitHub. OpenHive.Chat is powered by a project with already a million users across platforms. I like the availability of features and it is the best chatting front end I have seen so far that comes with HIVE authentication.

Pros and Cons of Using Memo Keys

I love the extra level of privacy you get by using a DAPP or simply using transactions for chats among users. There are no fancy trusted third parties and we are using the native first layer features of HIVE blockchain.

The downside is it is text only and permanently recorded data even in the encrypted form (which can be decrypted later by anyone who comes to possess the private keys). OpenHive.Chat offeres a good UI and mitigate these cons.

I would still stick to memo keys if privacy is a must when sharing certain information with HIVE users.

Shortcuts Included


It is these little conveniences that elevate OpenHive.Chat to a level that is comparable with the typical social media chat application. If you have any friends that think HIVE is too ancient and lacking in proper chat; now you have a better answer.

There is No Marketing

All of us users are the marketing. If you want the usage of this great tool to spread, the only way is to share it around. You can start with a simple reblog. If you would like to see something similar implemented on other blockchains like BLURT, let the developers know and show the example of OpenHive.Chat

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