My Experience Burning LEO to Promote Articles | Get Your Content Exposed to A Geographically Distributed Audience

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Anyone with LEO Tokens can use their funds to promote #leofinance articles. This creates more visibility which can lead to more readers, upvotes and reblogs. The feature is inspired from the HIVE feature that work in a similar fashion which itself is coming from developments made to STEEM many years before the fork.

Promoting with the native cryptocurrency on the base layer that contribute to reducing supply is a better alternative to voting bots. It is a clear, more transparent way to have articles noticed. There was a time I used to see a promoted article the moment I visited LeoFinance home page. Then I start to notice a lack of promoted articles.

Getting promoted can open up your or your friend's articles to an impressive global audience that will likely grow even further with #ProjectBlank

My Experiments and Experience

I assumed that since I am not seeing any promoted articles on top, I would be able to get significant attention by burning a small amount of LEO. I usually power up all the LEO I earn. I don't keep any liquid LEO around for more than few days (at most).

I promoted the article soon after publishing it on the blockchain. Thisis how it looked before promoting:

The investment was very small and I am a big fan of Koinos. The performance was very satisfactory. I had good engagement both in the form of comments and votes.

Coming to a conclusion with only one experiment is not statistically sound. I tried to promote two more of my articles of similar (or better) quality over the next few days.

Experiment 2

Experiment 3


The results were nowhere close to the first experiment. Promoting may get an article more attention from @leofinance curation. That slight edge is not sufficient to reliably make a difference. Burning small amounts of LEO to promote an article is a hit or miss. If you want to be seen, make sure to burn a large amount of LEO so that it will be visible to everyone on the home page. It is the only reliable way to get a large number of impressions.

Even if 100 LEO were to be spend, that is less than a $5 expense at the moment and it is possible for the entire marketing expense to be nullified after earnings for the article is factored in.

The audience has transformed a significantly. For an example, I remember Mexico being high on the list. @leofinance is a project that is evolving and it seems the audience is also a one that fluctuate.

Happy Investing!

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Personally I'd love to see more of a bid type system for articles that makes more sense. For example if 10 people put in 10 LEO burned to promote their post then they evenly get shown 1/10th of the time during that 24 hours. If someone bids 50 their post would show up 5x more times then those who bid 10 for example and so on. However that information should also be presented to the person such as the current average bid over 24 hours is BLANK.

I have a feeling something small like that could boost the usage of the promote feature but with the new UI not sure that will be a big deal. I'd love to see the new UI front end add in something like this for short form content to promote it at the top or promote a hash tag for the day etc.

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This is the best way to handle a promotion system IMO. It reminds me of Proof of Burn used by Koinos

It looks like it does help slightly but it also depends on the topic. I think the Koinos topic applied to more people while the CLP token was more for Splinterlands players.

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Thank Yon on this very interesting and informative post.


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You are welcome!

I always wondered how promote feature works, but you just nailed it in this article.

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Thank you for the compliment 😃

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Interesting! Glad you shared your experience and the results of your experiment. This is something I'm yet to try but will do soon.

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