Most of My HP is Now Supporting The Newly Overhauled Curation on LeoFinance

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I am now delegating most of the HIVE Power I have to @leo.voter after @khaleelkazi announced the amazing features and utility coming up for larger LEO HODLers. Most of the LEO I have made so far have come from rewards I earned through writing or curating. After seeing the future utility of having a larger LEO stake, I have decided to take a more active role with my LEO investment and aim for the 15,000 LEO target.

I do not plan to obsess over a time limit for the milestone. I like the let the automation take care of the matters and let the weight of good decisions carry my cryptocurrency finances forward. This is why I selected the delegation method. I have known about HIVE Power delegations for a long time. The reason I did not delegate was because of my love for manual curation. The new updates for @leofinance has made itself too attractive to pass out at the moment. That is why I made the decision to go all in on @leo.voter delegation on 1st of May, 2023.

I Did Not Have The Smoothest Experience (It Was My Fault)

I had claimed an Account Creation Token with my Resource Credits; making it impossible to delegate 11,500 HP. If it was possible to use up RC and then delegate HP to another account and use that HP (along with proportional RC), it would create an attack vector on the HIVE blockchain.

Then I messed up updating the delegation. Read this part carefully: If you are delegating 5,000 HP and want to make it 7,000 HP, update the delegation to 7000 HP. If you add 2,000 HP, it will take back 3,000 HP from the existing delegation and that HP will be unusable for the next 5 days! I forgot about this and paid the price in lost earnings.

Daily LEO Earnings Powered Up

The first rewards were smaller than what I intended to receive due to my own mess up with the delegations. Over time I have increased my delegation to 11,502 HP. The earning fluctuate day by day. On average I am expecting 45 LEO from @leo.bounties account everyday. I use HiveTasks to Power Up my earnings along with other HIVE-Engine Tokens I earn. HiveTasks is one of the best HIVE tools you can find that is presented to you by @fernandosoder

A Complete Overhaul to Curation on LeoFinance

Your delegation is going to be used to help the type of behavior that is going to grow @leofinance which can then be funneled to grow HIVE and other DAPPs under the LEO umbrella such as $CUB and $POLYCUB

The voting power will be focused on six directions. More details can be founding the article linked above. There are many changes made and the votes given out will become more predictable with more "objective" criteria than what was used to be. The best part is that there is more community involvement in selecting the content to be curated.

A Risk Free Investment

I am not risking any of my $HIVE in the process. 16% APR promised for delegators is above what I gain from manual curation. The only "risk" involved here is that HIVE has a chance of outperforming $LEO. In other words, I am at a risk of earning less rather than loosing what I invest. I am very bullish on both cryptocurrencies for the long term :-)

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With time a person should think and change his decisions as you have now thought that you can get a good profit in the coming time then this decision is good for you we hope. The way we see it will prove that you have achieved so much HP by working so hard. I had exactly the same intention, but due to the bad situation here in Pakistan, I have to use it now. And I have been working hard for the last five months but still I have not got any big people to vote for me.

Using @leofinance and posting Threads have helped me a great deal to earn more votes. Some DAPPs like @risingstargame curate content posted about their DAPP. That could be a way to earn some extra votes. It is a painful process to sell during the bear market. I have gone though it myself. I'm doing everything I can to reduce my expenses. If we HODL long enough, it will pay off. Best of Luck to you!

I am also doing this way share my post on twitter and also share on thread. Thanks.