Let's Use Basic Attention Tokens to Fund Underrated Web 3 Projects on HIVE and Beyond!

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I have been a long term user of Brave Browser. I first made it my default browser for the smartphone and once the extensions became available, I embraced Brave as my desktop browser. I am confident that many other blockchain users have experienced s similar journey. I have even managed to get about a dozen people to use Brave Browser. In many of the cases, I personally installed the browser myself. This is already a big accomplishment for someone like me who has a very small circle of friends. I become an unpaid marketeer for Brave and make sure more people have a better, smother and more private experience on the internet while reducing the revenue for surveillance economy and its perpetrators.

Brave Pays for A Better Browsing Experience

Depending on where you are located, the amount of ads shown, their variety and the BAT payments will change. These rewards that are given to users would have ended up in the hands of privacy violators and propaganda profiteers like Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page (who is now linked to Jeffrey Epstein).

Although it is amazing to receive a cut of the ad expenditure, cashing out the BAT received can be a difficult process. I have lost browsers along with the BAT rewards before. It is not a fun process to get involved with an entirely new exchange and entrust your private data which would be used to god knows what!

Let Us Support Our Blockchain Projects

I have been donating my BAT for various charities before. It can be difficult to find a Brave Verified creators that are already accepting BAT donations. I don't want the BAT I donate to go unutilized.

Fund Your Favorite Underrated DAPP

It is very diffuclut to get a DAPP running and make it sustainable. Projects like @splinterlands and @leofinance have accomplished this. There there are others like @risingstargame that are not the most well funded or most popular. I have seen them develop continuously through two bull markets and I have a very good impression regarding the developers. I am playing the game even as I type this . It is a simple game with NFTs that have real utility with a focus on music (which is already underrated).

One Donation Will Not Make A Difference!

If the thousands of authors posting on blockchain donated a little of the BAT they have no plans of doing KYC for; we can make a difference. We many be able to contribute to cover a part of the unfunded Proposals like this one.

Set Up Takes 10 Seconds If You Are Slow

Brave has made cryptocurrency and privacy accessible to masses and the user experience is better than what is offered by some of the projects funded by trillion dollar companies.

Setting up a monthly tip is a great way to show consistent support. It is also possible to do a one time tip. Any amount is fine as more users donating will lead to a large enough value that can be withdrawn to fund the project.

Spread The Word!

Reblogs are very much appreciated. If your DAPP or blockchain community has users who are not using Brave already, encourage them to at least try it as a backup browser. Using multiple browsers is a great way to increase privacy online. Don't let the BAT go to waste :-)

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It's cool you're finally doing it! Hope more will join! I've done 1 time tips before. Might do it again. No plans do claim that BAT. So it'll be tips all the way 💸😎

Even if 1000 HIVE users donated $1 worth BAT every month, it can still make a difference for a small project.

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