Koinos is About to Make All Blockchain Transaction Free at 10K Twitter Followers

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This is a good marketing move and it does not endanger the network by allowing spam to run amok. This is all a result of nothing short of absolutely amazing design made from scratch. Koinos is built by the geniuses who built STEEM and 6 years ago and the world is yet to come across a better decentralized social media solution.

You can check the announcement below on Twitter and give the project some support with a follow and few ReTweets. I do not use Twitter or any Web 2 social media actively. Therefore I'm writing about this on blockchain and promoting Koinos here on a blockchain the developers helped to create.

An Introduction to Koinos

I have never been this excited about what a blockchain can accomplish. It will take a great deal of time and effort for Koinos to reach the masses and become a well known cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot etc. I am ready to patiently wait until it happens.

@andrarchy @gerbino @vandeberg @engrave are all part of Koinos and some of them like @andrarchy have been posting some excellent material. I highly recommend checking out their accounts. You will learn a lot from them.

How Koinos Makes Things Better With Decentralization + Utility

A More Beginner Friendly Presentation Discussing Koinos, STEEM, HIVE and Splinterlands

If you have any Friends or family who could potentially be interested in Koinos and you want to educate them, the following video could be a better fit:

If you have wrapped your mind around how Mana works; it should sound like a more convenient and automated version of the system we have with Resource Credits. We could present Koinos as having an automated staking management system for DPoS blockchains. There are more features made on top of this.

Currently, when @splinterlands wants to make sure their newly onboarded users have enough RC to make transactions, the DAPP needs to delegate some RC (it used to be worse requiring HIVE Power delegation). The RC delegated to the user can be used to do all sorts of activities that are completely unrelated to @splinterlands making the developers subsidize usage of other DAPPs on HIVE including potential competitors. On Koinos it is possible for DAPP developers to exclusively subsidize transactions related to their DAPP and nothing else.

What Does Free Transactions Mean?

I assume this is done in order to make Koinos attractive for new developers and users by utilizing the KOIN that is idly sitting on the wallets of Koinos Group. This is not a too good to be situation. Some people become extremely cautious when an offer sound extremely good. This is not one of those situations.

It's A Result of Genius Design!

Koinos Website
Kondor Wallet
Block Explorer

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Well, I hope you realize its just a joke, because its free to use already (in same meaning as Hive).

I thought the Mana cost was going to be covered as well once the 10K Follower milestone was reached (at least for a while as a marketing gimmick).

A lot of people will regret not getting involved in koinos.

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Most certainly yes! I am waiting to see come DAPPs.

I took a look through the video and it does look like it's solving a different solution than Hive. It can work out well and I agree that the cost varying is something bad for the company to figure out how things are. I have seen quite a few people complain when the blockchain is behind or if the cost of transacting is annoying.

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Your comment remneded me of this quote from @andrarchy:

I think one of the sources of confusion when people are comparing Hive and Koinos is that the systems are so fundamentally different that you can't really think about them in the same way. Hive is a complete solution. It aims, in my opinion, to be all of the social features one could want from a blockchain. To put it in the words of Luke Willis, the developer of the first burn pool EVER, BurnKoin, Koinos is much less opinionated. In fact, it aims to have no opinions at all. Opinions about what? Well, about what a blockchain should be used for. Should a blockchain be used for a social network? Koinos has no opinion. DeFi? No opinion.


Hope it'll be a success. It's just there's no Dapps to use at the moment. Not even https://koindx.com is working. There's no reason for non devs to play around Koinos. Hope there will be some cool Dapps. Some basic DeFi is enough to get me interested. !PIZZA 🍕

DeFi could be the easiest place to start.

Awesome to see the tag 'leoalpha' being used!

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Ever since I learned about Morphswap from @anomadsoul I have been a big fan of the content there.

Now there are two questions, is there an easy way to earn Koinos like I can here with Hive, or any kind of Faucet? Not something I'm so keen on I'd want to invest money right now, but if there was a decent alternative I would consider it.

Second, did they name it this realize just googling Koin on it's own will just get you a bunch of links to Mortal Kombat Message boards? :p

is there an easy way to earn Koinos like I can here with Hive, or any kind of Faucet?

Currently there is only burning KOIN for mining. It works somewhat similar to DPoS. Instead of staking and delegating; you have to burn your KOIN. You can take a look at https://burnkoin.com for this. APR is at 4.58%

Second, did they name it this realize just googling Koin on it's own will just get you a bunch of links to Mortal Kombat Message boards? :p

I came across "KOIN (channel 6) is a television station in Portland, Oregon" and a "Kotlin dependency injection library". They team probably didn't mind that much. It is possible they were too blinded by finding fitting name for their project:

The English-language name Koine derives from the Koine Greek term ἡ κοινὴ διάλεκτος (hē koinḕ diálektos), meaning "the common dialect".[4] The Greek word κοινή (koinḗ) itself means "common". The word is pronounced /kɔɪˈneɪ/, /ˈkɔɪneɪ/, or /kiːˈniː/ in US English and /ˈkɔɪniː/ in UK English.

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If its free then you're the product

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Not at all. You don't pay fees on HIVE. This is the next evolution of the same system by the same people who designed it. Koinos get rid of the staking aspect and allows developers to take care of user Mana cost (RC equivalent of Koinos) if they choose to.

Lol I guess you don't understand the concept of paid through inflation, nothing in this life is free

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