GLX Airdrop Could Be The Next SPS! Do Not Miss Out!!!

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Bear markets can bring many woes and make people bitter. The "investors" among the crowds understand that tremendous wealth is built exactly during these times. Skyscrapers have foundations that run deep. A mud hut will be taller than a skyscraper at start while the foundations are put in place. We have seen this time and time again within and outside of cryptosphere.

Genesis League Sports is Like @splinterlands

This is the primary reason I was excited for the project and it is the reason I bought few Packs from the Presale. Read The Whitepaper and see for yourself what I am trying to elaborate. I would even use an EOS vs Telos as a way to compare the two projects.

  • GLX is SPS
  • GLUSD is DEC

Genesis League Goals will differ from @splinterlands to a significant extent. The Tokenomics and so much that raised @splinterlands to be the behemoth it is today will remain with minor modifications.

I'm Already Reaping Rewards

These actions should come naturally to those who are familiar with @splinterlands, especially during the launch of SPS while there was very little attention on the game compared to what we are witnessing right now. I would even suggest players to go and use Genesis League Sports platform without reading a guide of any sort. You will likely feel at home and at ease.

Results in Less Than 3 Hours 30 Minutes Later

As you can see, the daily airdrop is an ongoing thing that is slowly accumulating. Those who have been paying enough attention to stake are getting rewarded from what is allocated for Staking Rewards.

Time Has Come to Rinse and Repeat

As more GLX get staked, lower the APR will be for GLX staking. The decision to be made is, either betting for the long term price performance or short term gains on HIVE-Engine (which could lead GLX prices to fall as it has over the last few days).

An Important Token on HIVE 2nd Layer

The whales and seasoned investors are showing serious attention on GLX. I did not see such interest in the Presale. It could have been a result of coming from multiple presales and announcements from @splinterlands You are welcome to read my thoughts and experience on the Presale.

It is not only about trading volume against SWAP.HIVE either. The "rival" Tokens have their own Diesel Pool with significant volume and trading fees to support it. Currently it is ranking at #4 behind,


The First 6 Months of Splintershards

Another interesting thing to note is that SPS started out at prices similar to what GLX is at in current market conditions. SPS does have 50% higher maximum supply. They are not perfectly comparable. But it is not unreasonable to expect to use the price actions of SPS to speculate on the future of GLX. There are so many common elements including developers and community on top of being built on the same underlying technologies.

It Has Been A Pleasure to Write

My rate of content release has plummeted greatly from the all time highs I managed to produce a few years ago. I have to let you know that I genuinely enjoy letting the community know what I find out about the markets and the world and help them make better decisions in life. I have written many philosophical and spiritual articles on blockchain and those tend to be my favorites.

I wish you the best in all your good ventures in life. I learn a lot from being part of the blockchain. There are many opportunities I have come across which are likely to have slipped though even dedicated investment communities and paid subscriptions. I can vouch for the tremendous value of being part of HIVE.

Happy Hiving! Happy Investing!

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I just don't know if the prices will hold and I don't have any packs/cards for the game. So I am just planning on selling my GLX now and maybe buy back in cheaper with a chance of getting some cards too. Then again, time is scarce and I don't know if I have time to play that in addition to Splinterlands and Rising Star.

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As I have mentioned before; GLX is #3 in GameFi marketcap. It makes total sense to expect a crash in prices where you will be able to buy back later at a better price.

I see us having a spike again when the game is released but outside of that I have a feeling it's going to slowly go down now.

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Similarly to SPS. It fell down over time. I regret not selling any SPS, while it was around $0.90 USD. Currently it is $0.043 USD.

Yeah that's kind of where I'm at I'm doing a 70/30 split at the moment selling off 30% of what I make in the airdrop etc and buying up honestly SPS for the most part lol

SPS did see two spikes followed by a long bear market for the Token after the initial 6 months. It would not hurt to trades based assuming as you do IMHO.

There is a pretty big difference here though well really two

  1. Splinterlands was an active game while GLX is not yet
  2. SPS Was during a crazy bull market while GLX is in a deep bear market.

Those are good points. There are still silver linings here:

  1. GLX does have some backing from legacy brand MLSPA behind it. I'm not in the know enough to say how big of a deal MLSPA is. At least they seem important when it comes to sports.
  2. We might not be far from relief in the bear market. is a sponsor of FIFA 2022. They are already managing FTX situation well. The general market sentiment may end up being more mixed than negative.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic here. I have long term faith in GLX. The question is regarding the optimal trading strategy for the short and medium term. Best of Luck!

Excellent points. So many variables in all of this lol no one can ever predict it. Stack and Stack!

At least that seems to be the most stable strategy as well as the least stressful one.

I love the new airdrop! I also like the price of GLX so I sell part of the GLX I earn.

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At current valuation, GLX is #3 in GameFi marketcap. There is clearly a great deal of excitement. Unfortunately that would mean a potential steep crash when things slow down.

Yeah. I don't think this pause will be good for the price when the claim returns.

that is a good chunk of stake, with the apr we see today you are getting a good of daily dollars!