Finishing Up Festival World Tour + @risingstargame Pack Opening

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Eight more Missions and will finally posses FTB4 Stephie making up "The Risers" band in the game. This is a 52 week long NFT creation process that involved the community in the process. I am happy to be a part of this process enjoying the lack of fees and the overall journey. I think the current prices are undervalued considering the prices of individual Wristbands that goes into creating these Cards.

The current supply is as follwoing:

  • FTB1 Dougie - 123
  • FTB2 JoJo - 105
  • FTB3 Gizmo - 75

The numbers are going down and the final FTB5 The Risers will become even rarer. This is good news for those of us who went through the whole ordeal :-)

The Manual Process Takes Some Time

There are many parts of @risingstargame that can be taken care of through smart contracts. On the bright side, we do have less room for some hack or smart contract mishap. Yet this comes with the cost of decentralization and antifragility of the project.

A Lucky Booster Pack Opening

This was one of the rewards I received and not one that I purchased. Based on the market price, I can almost buy 3 Booster Packs for the value of E69 Antique Snare. I would rather have this stick around in my collection. I don't have plans to sell my Cards any time soon.

Make Sure To Do Your Missions While Available

The cost of Wristbands can go up several times what it would have originally cost you. Learn from my mistakes and make haste in the eight remaining Missions.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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200 Hive for a Gizmo card? Do I see that right? I have not tried Rising Star so far, but I would not pay that much for a card. Not even for a Splinterlands card. I would rather power up that amount.

It's because nobody else is selling the card and you can see that there is only 1 person selling it. So I don't think anyone will pay 200 HIVE for that card.

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I understand. This is a supply and demand problem. The two has to meet. So the seller will have to reduce the price, if he/she really want to sell it.

Multiple Wristbands needs to be blended for one NFT and each Wristband requires 1 STARPRO to mint it. Currently 1 STARPRO is traded for over 10 HIVE. Compared to some prices of images with no utility that got sold on Ethereum, these prices are relatively good.

I never really did the Festival World Tour because I prefer to keep the starbits to help me get more packs. I believe you need 3 copies of each wristband to get all copies of the card and the expense just seems too big.

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There is only 1 copy needed; not 3. I understand the cost can be large. If it is possible for you, I recommend collecting 1 Million STARBITS and unlock the NFT and the Special Mission to get 10,000 STARBITS daily. Best of Luck!

I already have the 1 million starbits but I tend to save my starbits for the seasonal missions.

By 3 copies, I mean the wristbands. One copy for the wristband, one copy for the individual musicians, and one copy for the final musician (that takes the previous musicians).

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Did you get the STARBITS Millionaire Card? You have to request it on Discord after having your STARBITS on HIVE-Engine. You can basically double it in 100 days which should be more than enough for seasonal missions.

Yea I have that millionaire card and I have been running the mission for a long time. It was back when there were way fewer people requesting the card because I got it within a day and I think I had like the 60th copy of that card.


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