Ecency Makes Managing LARYNX Easier With The Latest Update + Now I Need Help

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I have been using Ecency as my primary HIVE front end for some time. It was Ecency Points that created the initial attraction. Rest of the experience was good enough for me to stick around. The recent updates made me feel even better regarding that decision. Before we begin, I must say that I advocate for using multiple front ends for HIVE. It helps with website metrics. We are a community and we need to make sure as many good projects as possible get good SEO. I make it a point to log into several different front ends while interacting with HIVE.

You can read articles on @ecency to track progress and get to know all the important news and updates on the project.

Interact With @spknetwork on Ecency

There were two methods I used to use to claim LARYNX and deletgate to make @spknetwork more secure while earning some SPK Tokens

I had even missed out on one of the LARYNX monthly airdrop claims. It is my fault for being too negligent. Having an easier way to claim which I would stumble upon regular may have helped with that.

Powering Up to Delegate

I did face an issue trying to sign with HIVE Keychain. This was the only time I have ever had an issue with @ecency using Keychain. I checked website and had no result out of it.

I will keep trying to figure out how to get this to work. I'm not even sure if whose fault this is. Giving it some time is the easiest option IMHO.

Suggest Me Some Delegatees

I think it would be better to spread around my votes among a small group for the best results. When the feature went live, I delegated to @dbuzz who have shown their dedication to HIVE creating an excellent microblogging experience on HIVE. They love HIVE and they have skin in the game. I regularly post on D.Buzz

I'm not expecting some username. I can already see the list of Node Operators. I would like to hear a good case on why vote on a specific Node Operator. Your thoughtful responses highly appreciated!

Happy Decentralizing!

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We have couple issues with keychain integration in release, we did push hotfix since then. It should be working fine now, only make sure you have active key imported into keychain. If issue persist, do let us know error message and what operation failing, so we can check further. Also note, since this is relatively new layer-2, there are longer delays and sometimes nodes falling behind on sync. We are in touch with devs and have reported few issues we found...

Thank you very much for all the work and responsiveness 😄👍

When I tried towards the start of the month, I also ran into issues so I think you can just try it again later and it shuld work.

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Everything worked out well eventually. It seemed the network was slow to process/respond.


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