Dash is The Sleeping Giant That Has Done What HIVE Should Have Done A Long Time Ago!

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Dash is one of those forgotten and sleeping giants in the cryptosphere that is flying under virtually all hype happy cryptocurrency promoters. Dash is the world's first Decentralized Autonomous organization. It is one of the earliest cryptocurrency to get my attention in 2017 an I have been a great fan of the project ever since.

Dash was created by Evan Duffield and it was a response to the elitist stone age inner circle of BTC developers not wanting to technologically improve the BTC blockchain in a serious way. Most issues concerning BTC will not exist if it had simply adopted what was proposed by Evan Duffield and many other smart minds like his.

Dash is Making Real Change

Those are some of the more ancient marketing material put out by dash. At its height, dash was spending millions of dollars on marketing from their DAO to promote Dash like any other business would. When DHF was announced, I was finally happy to see 10% of newly created supply accumulating on a fund.

The issue is that most of the DHF is not being spend on great DAPPs like @dlux-io or marketing plans that could help HIVE get noticed. HBD stabilizer has helped the ecosystem, but I seriously doubt that was the best possible use for the funds.

How Dash Fixed It Series

Amanda B. Johnson has been a long time employee of the Dash DAO. I first fell in love with Dash and invested into it heavily in 2017 - 2018 in large part thanks to Amanda B. Johnson's videos. This is what great marketing can accomplish.

Dash Platform

Imagine there was a video series like this explaining all aspects of DPoS and features on HIVE along with details about various DAPPs we have! Not everybody takes time to read lengthy technical posts. A large part of the cryptosphere get their information mainly through video content.

With proper usage of funds from DHF we can realistically have all these great things. None of these have to be crowdfunded when there is a DAO to take care of the expenses. We are simply failing as a community to do our marketing!

The Reason Why STEEM is Doing So Well

https://steemhunt.com is the only DAPP on STEEM that I have not seen a replacement for. Everything else on STEEM is inferior to other alternatives. https://steemit.com front end is ancient compared to @ecency or @peakd Yet as a cryptocurrency, STEEM is having such good price performance against HIVE.

They Must Be Doing Something Right!



Both have similar trading volume. Despite all the fundamentals being stacked against STEEM, the cryptocurrency price is doing much better. I only have one explanation. It is the power of marketing! If you have a better explanation, please let me know in the comments. I'm open to other possibilities like some market manipulation conspiracy. Marketing is the reason Occam's razor principle leads me towards.

How Will The Trend Break?

I see two options:

  • Marketing
  • A Killer DAPP

Long form blogging is clearly not a killer DAPP. Most people are not willing to commit their time into writing an article like the one you are reading wright now. Microblogging such as @dbuzz or Project ________ from @leofinance could bring some serious change.

@threespeak already has great competition from LBRY. I'm @splinterlands is so far the best bet we have right now. It is the best performing blockchain game DAPP in the cryptosphere right now. The developers are already working hard with the SPS DAO and Land Expansion. It is hard to do better than that.

Again we are back to marketing or simply creating a whole new DAPP built on HIVE. It could very well be DeFi. Check out https://tribaldex.com from @aggroed and @hive-engine developers or http://dlux.io from @disregardfiat It could be a completely new thing we have not had in the HIVE ecosystem before. I'm open to all great things that can make the platform stronger.

Latest Updates From Dash Core Group

You don't have to listen spend hours watching all of it. Spend 20 minutes at a faster playback speed and skip through few parts. You will notice that unlike BTC there are some serious work being done to create the blockchain alternative to become a PayPal killer.

I started this article after remembering a reply I gave to @forexbrokr Most crypto savvy individuals seem to have lost track of Dash. I will share some of the resources I shared.

On Chain Metrics

You can click on "Dive Deeper" to get to the following page to come across even more insights:


Dash Roadmap

This is one of the easiest places to sell the value of dash. Simply take a look at hat they have delivered over the years and take a look at what is next in the roadmap for the future. BTC cannot and will not ever hold a candle to something great and future thinking as this. Every project comes to its death. But whatever happens, dash will have what it takes to outdo BTC.

You can follow more details on Dash developments on Dash Newsroom. Dash is also one of the first cryptocurrency ever to have real human customer support for those who need it. That is real humans on call to help you deal with problems/questions related to Dash cryptocurrency.

Happy Investing!

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Well comparing hive to dash is like comparing the horse and buggy to Elon Musk Falcon rocket or something. Alot of people i think especially on hive totally out of touch with what dash has done. They don't even probably know or have a clue. You also described two projects with larger than life inspirational leadership. I know everyone values decentralization but the reality of the situation is these projects both had systems in place that just were advanced and well done as far as organization.

Hive we got crappy leaders feels like a ragtag team of folks just out there. It's alot would need to happen for hive to be even on that kinda level. The thing though is yes a killer dapp may be the solution but what would it be seeing that everyone has done everything.. I just don't know about all that. When i created the bbd coin and btcmyk token it dealt alot with ubi and easy ui's. That is because at this point we gotta throw ourselves on the mercy of the people.. lol. we also gotta resonate with them and i call ubi the ultimate airdrop that gets you hooked for life.. The problem is i mean is hive going to really create that killer dapp.. i dont think so.. I'm not trying to put it down but do you really see that? With what you've seen so far? Splinterlands about the closest we can get to that and its doing its part but i guess its done as much as it can do.. So idk i feel a bit not very optimistic about that i think ubi would create enough marketing buzz especially after covid especially if you have an easy ui.. then people will kinda be like oh this kinda makes sense and polls suggest like 50% would opt for it.. So that i find as a practical approach.

What you have to understand about dash is dash had funds to help setup businesses down in Venezuela.. Listen to this Dash marketing campaigns were so much on fire.. there was only one advertisement as big as theirs in the entire country? Do you know who that was? Maduro the leader the president and do you know what next to his biggest ad was coming into the capitol of Venezuela?

You guessed it Dash. Dash was the second most recognizable thing in the country. When you go into the capitol its this like 50ft tall picture of Maduro then there is dash next to it. THey paid for the marketing. is hive ever going to do something like that. I think we both know the answer to that. THats why i keep telling you all we need a symbol to get behind. Dash you could say their work wasn't just economic but humanitarian. They held workshops to get your businesses to accept dash and funded them. You udnerstand? is hive doing anything like that. will it ever do anythig like that.

Hive can't even understand a concept as simple as bitcoin myk ubi thats going to draw 100 million users. They still gambling with defi and defi apps.. defi only had about 400k participants. So they don't even know what they doing. Dash knew thats the big difference lol.

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This comment has a different view from mine, but I find this comment very interesting. Thanks for sharing

Okay but i still don't understand what you'd want hive to do different? Hive already formed that dao that if they wanted to create a huge marketing campaign people have the freedom to do that. So thats similar to what dash did. Are you just feeling hive behind because they chose not to do that? The problem is if they chose not to its still not due to a deficiency in the systems ability somehow. Maybe they just don't wanna do it.

No i think i went the right way with the comment. This is a fear culture here. If people agree with me on the mistakes of hive you may get downvoted or you may not get upvotes lol. I think thats similar to a fear culture. They say its a consequence system. Sure it could be that. It could also just be a control system lol.

I do feel sorry for some who have agreed with me. They lose money..That sucks but at the same time it must not be pleasant for them to be in that situation and i dont try to put them in there some safely don't respond. If you do respond maybe i should put up a waiver lol.

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Thanks for your reply, Hive is a very young blockchain, just over a year old. Not marketing can also be a choice. The fact is that currently Hive has an interesting ecosystem and has several use cases, unlike other blockchains that have more market value, but have no use cases. Conclusion: I'd simply give the HIVE developers more time.

"Hive is a very young blockchain, just over a year old. Not marketing can also be a choice."

Yes i 'd have to push back a little on this statement. Hive is a very young chain is it really though? I mean i thought it was a fork almost a direct clone of steem with a very high percentage of the same user base. All the accounts on steem existed for the most part on hive. Even before the fork happened the same exact people holding the bigger positions and witnesses were right back there. This to me doesn't feel appropriate to suggest a new chain like it came out of the ether. Some see it as the more real version of steem in any event nothing feels new to me about this chain.

In fact one of my greatest concerns was noticing that the chain was having issues before Justin Sun's arrival and i was wondering if those same exact people forking a chain can i expect anything different than what they were doing prior to Justin Sun.

I'd also like to address the idea of not marketing is a choice. Well i'm not sure that's necessarily true. For example if that Dao were used to create a marketing budget on the scale like you've spoken of if at similar to Dash. Then on that Dao that is a money influenced system. Which means the people with the most money have the most control thats not really democratic or wealth decentralized.

So that means ultimately you would still have a small percentage of people who can pass these projects through. However chances are they won't. is because in many cases if i was a developer. I think of this like my contractor at home. If he wants to build something at my residence he starts proposing he wants to build x. Now in reality the build may not even be necessary. As a contractor his livelihood and job is in building. So developers in crypto sometimes can care more about building and getting a paycheck than the improvement and growth of the chain unfortunately. So overlooking marketing that doesn't line their pockets directly may not be appealing and that may be why they made that choice or didn't make it.

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Long form blogging is clearly not a killer DAPP. Most people are not willing to commit their time into writing an article like the one you are reading wright now.

I do long term blogging, but it is still not worth it. At least not on the Steem/Hive blockchain. I often put hours (sometimes days) of work and effort into my posts, but I still earn cents (usually much less than $1 USD) with most of my posts. And also mostly 0 real human comments. So it is not worth it in the financial sense, nor in the social sense.

And I spend a lot of time with commenting (interacting with others).
And I also often promote my posts with Ecency points.

I literally do all I can, but no one really cares.

By the way, "wright now" is probably "right now", so you made a typo.

Have some !PIZZA.



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That sucks to hear. I went through the same. But ended up much better. https://d.buzz and https://leofinance.io helped a ton. I managed to reach the front page of https://leofinance.io few times. It was after a long long long time of posting a lot.

Many times it's not even your best work that get the best views. There's a lot of luck involved too. Lately #proofofbrain tag has been earning some nice extra income too. Hope you the best 😃



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this post is really very nice and very interesting. It deserves a lot of comments, now I do the first then when I have time I will comment on other topics developed in this post. As for Splinterlands I think exactly like you, to date it is the best game that has ever been made on the blockchain and it is already difficult to do better than it.

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That is exactly wat we need at hive, a good promotion/marketing team. How else would it be if we had some big names behind the brand, mass adoption is possible. We could start with for example a commercial at other exchanges, but who is gonna manage that sort of thing ?
Here you go have a slice of !PIZZA

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I really hope Hive will actually learn something from Dash and take the marketing side seriously. We've got enough devs but not enough "community people" to spread the word.



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I never gone in details in Dash and based on the details provided it seems a good project and even it has a good marketcap. I still HIVE is better because of the development and variety of Dapps.

Have some !PIZZA

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