CubFinance Investment Diary: All The Moves I Made From June 21st to November 10th

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Being too lazy with CUB is one of the worst financial mistakes I have done in recent time. I could have bought the dip. Instead I was too busy with many happenings of life in my jobless highschool dropout living (which is somewhat unavoidable) and too much waiting for more PolyCUB details. I could have bought the dip and I should have bought the dip. Do not become complacent in these markets. That is one good advice for any investor looking around in cryptocurrency or any other market be in stocks or real estate.

CUB Chart.png

A Look Into The Past

It was many months ago I last invested into CUB. The only DeFi investment I'm a part of (aside from what is a part of HIVE DAPPs) is the CUB Kingdom. I'm all in on this single asset where I don't have to split the risk with a more stable and less ROI giving high marketcap cryptocurrency.

I was taking a look into my old screenshots I had taken in plan of creating an article. I have a small reserve of these unpublished work due to various reasons. A small dose of perfectionism coupled with curiosity to learn more things can become a major distraction from my writing work. I am considering making more rapidly created content without too much perfectionism and OCD. I may or may not try that out. For now, I can see that I have been buying some LEO in the markets before transferring them to CubFinance.


LEO Wallet.png

Making The Swap


Unstaking from CUB Den

This is June 21st. Those days we still had many active Dens accessible on This honestly does bring back memories. We have truly grown a great deal since those days.

Unstake Den.png

Back When I Used Have A Farm

I did try the CUB-BNB farm to try and enjoy some better returns. Those days I had to manually Harvest the rewards. Switching to Kingdoms was such a great help for my financial life and quality of life.

Harvest Farm.png

Approving CUB Kingdom Smart Contract

Approve Contract.png

258.093 CUB in Kingdom

258.093 CUB Kingdom.png

More Investing on July 6th

Swap Route.png

Growing The Kingdom

Kingdom Stake.png

July 20th: The Day I Got Out of Farming


Unstake Farm.png

Removing Liquidity

Removing Liquidity.png


CUB Prices Those Days

My Price.png

Before My Last Staking


After Going 100% on CUB Kingdom

100 CUB.png

Nearly 4 Months Later: November 10th


That is 34% growth to my CUB. I have missed out on the 40 something cents price for CUB. I was expecting LEO prices to do well. It seems I have expected too much from the short terms markets driven by hype rather than solid fundamentals.

LEO HODLers selling for CUB to get in on PolyCUB airdrop is likely the cause behind this current pump in CUB price. There is no point waiting even further.


Adding 27.7% To The Existing Kingdom

With the plans for Splinterlands investments in the work, this might be the last major CUB investment I do within the year. I'm happy that I finally made it. These are the latest numbers which should continue to grow at a 0.12% daily rate for the next few months:

Latest Stake.png

It's been a long path here on a path walked by those with high risk tolerance. I have extremely high faith in @khaleelkazi and the team that has years of proven results that is a rarity in cryptosphere. I will be expecting the same dedication and results from the expansion in the PolyCUB project which has some very smart things going for it based on the articles published on @leofinance

I can give a full endorsement for this project and I do plan to continuously take part in the ecosystem. I invite everyone that is reading this article to take a look around the amazing DAPPs that are being built. With marketing, hype and steady growth in user base, we are looking at a billion dollar cryptocurrency project. You are witnessing the early days of it.

Happy Investing!

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unfortunately I still don't understand DeFi well ... interesting how far the CubFinance platform has reached, in a few years it could also bother PancakeSwap

As long as you keep learning bit by bit, things will rub on you and you will be able to understand these markets well. I only got into the DeFi game with CubFinance. I still knew the basics because I had kept up with the news and I finally ended up investing. If you give it your time to research, you will come out both smarter and richer.

This is really valuable advice. Thanks for sharing

Yay! 🤗
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