Celebrating CubFinance 6 Million Marketcap (Real -Time) By Going Dangerously All In On Farms

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I'm authoring this article while I see CUB marketcap reaching towards $6 Million USD marketcap. It is likely that by the time I finish writing, we will have already reached this milestone.

Scratch That - This is Too Poetic

Rihght after writing the "It is likely that by the time I finish writing, we will have already reached this milestone." sentence, I checked https://cubdefi.com to get check out more on inflation statistics and write more about tokenomics. Then I see the what you are looking above. I had to change few things about the article I was writing.

About 5 Minutes Earlier

Yes, I checked the timestamps of the screenshots to make sure. These are two snippets of random brilliant reasons to why CubFinance is so amazing. I have been preaching hard about supporting @disregardfiat and @aggroed on their DHF proposals for DeFi DAPPs on HIVE. @klye has a Proposal "Hive Smart Chain (HSC) - Bringing Decentralized Smart Contracts EVM Using HIVE" which has the potential to accomplish wonders if well executed.

CubFinance has proven the power and value of DeFi applications. CUB is almost as big as LEO which is over 2 years old. CUB is not even 2 months old.

It Started With The DEX

LeoDEX can save you 75% on fees by only costing 0.25% for your deposits instead of 1%. It is also spoiling me with the power of HIVE that brings zero fee trading. Every time I confirm a Tx on Binance Smart Chain, I feel like I'm getting ripped off. It is not a happy experience but a price to pay until we eventually have better things.

I normally don't buy at market prices. I put a buy order at a price much closer to market prices and mind some other business such as playing @splinterlands or start writing something.

Time To Transfer and Loose 1 LEO

I'm paying almost 3% in fees to transfer my LEO to BSC. Yes, I'm complaining about this. HIVE is such a great place for DeFi for average small scale investors like me. HIVE simple lacks the DAPPs with the incentive structures of CubFinance.

Time To Buy BNB and CUB

I'm taking this route mainly because this is the only contract I have approved (which costed more that a day's worth earnings in some countries) and because I'm not a fan of USD ( and BUSD is pegged to USD).

Most of My BNB Used For Providing Liquidity

This is a very risky move for myself. I emptied all of my BNB and majority of the scraps of cryptocurrency I had on centralized exchanges. There are no easy and accessible methods to buy small amounts of BNB ( I tried hard to find any; and I couldn't). There really needs to be an easy HIVE/LEO to BNB conversion that could provide extra value for the Tokens.

Farm It At 1.14% Daily Interest

Compare That With My HIVE Curation Rewards

I would like to add the fact that I really don't pay any serious attention to curation rewards when I vote on the blockchain. I value the experience and support I get to offer to people far more than optimizing my rewards. With a good curation strategy, you can easily outdo these returns.

I Barely Have Any BNB Left

This man that I wil have towait till I have collected enough LEO and sent to Binance Smart Chain and then I will have to use one trade to successfully buy myself some BNB.

BNB Price Making Fees Even Higher

I have already noticed that the Tx fees are somewhat higher than what they used to be when the project launched last month. As the network get more congested and BNB prices shooting for the moon, the prices are only going to become more and more of a hassle. This will be something for non-whales to keep in mind.

It Was A Great Day | Thank You Everyone!

This was a great accomplishment for a project with nothing much except for a solid use case and a community to support it. We did this without expensive marketing or even a massive community outside of HIVE. This was a team effort from @leofinance that supported the great work of @khaleelkazi and rest of the team. It was great being a part of this historic moment with you guys.

Happy Investing!

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Thank you!

Hope it turns out to be a good move for you, good luck!

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Thank You!

Congrats and have fun farming CUB ! I am also on these LPs and it has been going well for the past week so let’s hope it continues !

It has been continuing better than I expected. If we are lucky, we will have few more months of these amazing triple digit APR numbers.