BlockSurvey: End to end Encrypted Surveys For Businesses Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3

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Privacy respecting surveys that use encryption to protect participant data is a great thing in itself. Creating great surveys still takes effort. I know this because I have created many polls on DAPP created by @emrebeyler In fact, I am the person with the highest amount of polls created on the DAPP. That is a rare #1 position in my life.

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BlockSurvey has now developed their AI to help you quickly generate high quality surveys in mass scale regardless of your expertise. You still need a certain level of human input and lots of tweaking to get things "just right". Therefore I mainly see BlockSurvey AI as a tool to save time and save training your employees to become great content creators.


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You Don't Have To Invest To Get Started

Freemium may not be the best way to monetize a product or content. In mobile gaming and gaming in general, these tends to be some extremely annoying and frustrating. But in the realm of technology products, Freemium tends to be a kind of software/service that I tend to enjoy using. It is more like demo or form of advertising more than anything.

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For a small company or individual, the free version could be sufficient and you only need to move towards bigger and better things once you have stabilized yourself or found a powerful and scalable use case for AI generated polls.

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