After 55 Months of Work, I Have Made It to 10K HIVE Power!

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This past few years have been some of the best years of my life. I learned and grew a lot. It all started with STEEM in July 2017 and I called it the world's greatest massive community. There were so many great people (some passed away and some left the blockchain) whom I remember fondly. It was a great journey full of knowledge, experience and transformation.

It's The Experience; Not Money

10K HIVE.png

My HUNT Token Airdrop is way bigger than the value of my HIVE account. SPS airdrop used to be valued higher before the recent spike in HIVE price. The reason why 10K HIVE matter to me is the path I took to get there. The expereinces I had have the potential to make me a billionaire. I truly mean that part about being a billionaire.

I Believe in $100 HIVE

@taskmaster4450 is the first person I know who were espousing the $100 price tag. It was 100X from the $1 of STEEM. Yet it made sense when I thought about it. When STEEM forked to HIVE and we went down to nearly 10 cents, my faith in $100 HIVE was stronger than what it was at $1.

I believe in this community. @theycallmedan calls it layer 0 and it truly is a magic. I have been calling fro treating games as a perfect way to onboard new users. After years of speaking of it, we are finally seeing @splinterlands working their magic and creating new accounts at an incredible rate. We may soon be onboarding 1 million HIVE users weekly.

D.Buzz: The Gateway Social Media DAPP

Take the userbase of any social media. Most of them are not content creators there. They just like, comment and subscribe. Making long form original content takes time and effort. If the content require research, things become even more difficult.

Even in the case they create content, they are very unlikely to get a large amount of attention. Thus they have to rely on commenting for the most part to create engagement. @dbuzz can transform this experience into something much better.

When talking to new users, one thing I have realized more and more is that it is extremely easy to get them to post something on after they have installed Keychain on their browser.

You can contact @chrisrice @jacuzzi @nathansenn for more information as they are the ones really involved with the project. I have been told that it is better to send users to which is the more stable version with the more experimental features removed.

Project______ is Coming!

I don't know "wen". DeFi has put things behind the schedule. What I know is that @khaleelkazi will deliver on his promises. These two DAPPs combined will onboard massive amount of users to our ecosystem. I see the potential and the psychological and economical arguments for the tremendous success these microblogging on blockchain DAPPs make so much sense.

HODL For Years To Come

55 Moons.png

There will be a day where these 55 Moons look small. There will be a time when the meager account value will be over a million dollars with HIVE at $100. I would like to thank every single person who helped me, inspired me and taught me things even in the slightest way! You guys/girls mattered and for that I thank you!

Happy Hiving!

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Congratulations! Nice read!

Thank you!

Thanks for the pizza

@dlmmqb! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vimukthi.

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Congratulations on your success. It can be a slow process but it gets there.

With 10K HP, imagine a $10 price tag, let alone a $100 one. That would be a nice pile of money. Of course, $20 or $30 is even a bigger pile.

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Thank you!

@taskmaster4450le! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vimukthi.

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Congratulations 👏

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Thank you!

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Congrat! Keep up the solid work!!

Thank you!

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@jim888 my friend. You doing a great job. Gracias 💕❣️💯.

Weldone work and I pray for more susceptible earnings, more successful investment @jim888 . Happy day 🎉

Congratulation... I also hope to reach 10,000 HP by the end of the year.

Best of Luck!

@stefano.massari! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vimukthi.

Did you know PIZZA has a very active community Discord? (10/10)