A Proud Owner of Another @splinterlands Promo Card | Lux Vega Neutral Summoner

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I am not proud to have sold a large portion of my SPS stake. I am not proud to have sold most of my VOUCHERs and having to buy back on the market (at not too bad prices). When looking at the unique position of Lux Vega within the game, I am not ashamed to have gone through all of that.

I Was Ready | I Had Practiced

I have been through the trenches of @splinterlands Presales and I have done my time being unable to make a purchase within the seconds it remain available. I first sold my SPS stake to take part in Waka Spiritblade which is currently being traded at $520. I have found good use for it. Waka Spiritblade is in no way overpowered! It was designed so well to make it appear as if it is overpowered. @splinterlands team can pat themselves in the back for that. In use there is no major advantage of using Waka Spiritblade instead of another Max Level Summoner. I don't expect Lux Vega to be all that different either. It may have serious power in "Modern" format. Compared to Archmage Arius of "Wild" and Beta 5 Mana Summoners, Lux Vega is only another very good Card to have.

I didn't take time to properly take screenshots before purchase. These Presales and similar events are not things to be handled so casually. I am happy to inform that everything was as smooth as I could have expected:

Circulation is Not Finalized

It could be a result of the blockchain taking its time to process all the data and build the database. It could also be the result of having to wait till Promo Code users take their week of decision making. I assume most of them will be deciding to make the purchase; especially after the heavy discount received.

Splintercards is Such a Wonderful Tool

I checked Lux Vega on Splintercards just to be sure. @tehox has made a great tool to be used by the community. Today is a day that can prove it.

Market Values for Lux Vega

These are values from right after the sale. Price can be volatile and you could be seeing different (even lower) prices later during the day. I do not plan to sell or Rent Lux Vega. I bought with the intention of using it in Battle. Previously I only had Waka Spiritblade as a Max Level Summoner. Hence Lux Vega has a special and unique utility for me compared to most other @splinterlands players!

Considering some of the valuations received by NFTs that are without utility; Lux Vega is a steal to purchase. Having to sell existing cryptocurrency with great potential is not the best experience. Yet those of us who are completely broke in fiat have to make such decisions. Splinterlands has many more things coming with Land Expansion and Tower Defense. It's good to be ready in advance.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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Congratulations on the Lux Vega. I don't fight up there in Diamond/Champion so I just hope it doesn't show up in Silver/Gold league where I am usually at.

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I did end up playing in in Silver League. Currently I'm in Gold League. You should be mostly safe from Lux Vega users.

The price of this card will increase really ffast!!

as always - fucked up) - I couldn't connect until everything was sold out - I'm 100% sure we screwed up - it's a scam - it's a finished show and we look like sheep!
@aggroed is a complete con artist - I didn't sleep at night and just wasn't given the opportunity to buy - these are scammers and charlatans

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I understand your frustration. I don't think it is a con. There is many things that can be improved regarding these sales. !PIZZA


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That's a great card, I congratulate you 🤩